Welcome to the New Yuricon Store!

Welcome to the Yuricon Store, the most comprehensive all-Yuri in one place shop on the internet. Using the Store isn’t complicated, but we had a couple of things we wanted to let you know before you use the Store pages, and we’re not going to pretend these are “Frequently Asked” or anything. ^_^  If you know you want something and don’t see it listed, let us know – we may just have missed it, or can’t add it. Either way, we’ll let you know.


Store Pages are split into large overarching Categories:

English Manga  – Publications that have been legitimately licensed for English-language distribution.  Some items may have digital versions available from Kindle or direct from the publisher. These will be tagged as Digital.

English Anime – Anime that has been legitimately licensed for North American distribution.

Please note the distinction between licensed for English-language distribution and North American distribution. For reasons that make sense to people who are not us, anime is bound by absurd, outdated laws of distribution. Regional restrictions will apply in most cases. We apologize for any inconvenience

In addition, we are primarily focusing on season box sets when we can. Individual disks are included for a few series for which there are no box sets. This mostly applies to Aniplex of USA series.  If there are conflicting box sets being sold by our sellers, we have attempted to choose the one version they have in common, to streamline our listings.

Drama CDs – These are Japanese language spoken word recordings. They are very often related to a specific anime or manga series, and not all companies that produce them ship overseas. They have a short shelf-life. We are not including 3rd-party seller links, please use your own discretion when using 3rd party sellers.

Japanese Manga  – These are Japanese language publications being sold on Amazon JP. Kindle versions may be available, but regional restrictions apply, so they will not be linked – please use your own discretion buying them. In the future we may include JP digital properties, but not just yet. Checkout will require an Amazon JP account. No scanlations, doujinshi or third-party sellers are listed.

Light Novels and Yuri Literature – These categories are the only mixed-language categories. They include both English language and Japanese language items. To assist you, we have marked the item titles with (EN) or (JP). (Also a good place to double check is the seller we’ve linked to.) Kindle versions may be available, but regional restrictions apply, so they will not be linked – please use your own discretion buying them. Checkout for Japanese language items will require an Amazon JP account.

Yuri Goods – Items exclusive to Yuricon or Yuri-themed goods on our preferred vendor sites. Because who doesn’t need a new coffee mug or six? ^_^

Items marked “View Item” are available through more than one approved seller.

Items listed are from approved sellers for which a link exists. We will do everything we can to make sure listings are updated regularly and that links are live, and accurate. But, you know, sites change stuff around all the time.

If you see a broken or inaccurate link, we’d really appreciate if you’d shoot us a note on our feedback form. And of course, if you have any suggestions, wishes or kudos, use the same email and let us know!



Searching The Yuricon Store

In the right-hand top corner there is a search box. Not the radio button below it. You can search the entire site or the Store alone. Search is enabled for Authors, Titles, Imprints, Publishers – in Japanese and English. So now you can look for Morinaga Milk or 森永みるく, Comic Yuri Hime or コミック百合姫.


Approved Retailers

We have only listed items that are available from or fulfilled by our approved sellers: Amazon.com, Amazon JP or RightStuf.com. Checkout will require an account with the seller you choose. No items available only from third party sellers will be listed – we may list items being fulfilled through our vendor sites. If you are looking for an out-of-print item, please use your own discretion. We cannot guarantee any items will be in stock at any given vendor – although that seems obvious, we just want to say that out loud. ^_^


Searching on Approved Retailers

You can also bookmark this page and shop through this clunky and unappealing Amazon search feature. The default here is “Yuri Manga” but you can search for anything:


To search for items on RightStuf’s website through the affiliate account, please use this SEARCH on Rightstuf.com link.

Here’s a link if you want to use the Table of Contents on RightStuf.com.

How to Read A Shop Page

Rule of Thumb: If a title contains Japanese characters, the item is likely to be in Japanese. You can confirm this quickly by looking at the breadcrumb Links to Main Pages at the top of the page, or the Link to Purchase, which will lead to Amazon JP. There are a few items like game, or GIRL FRIENDS with English titles. We’ll mark those with (EN) or (JP), and the link to Amazon.com or Amazon JP ought to help.


Thanks for taking time to read this and welcome to the new Yuricon Shop. Enjoy!

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