Yuri Weblogs – English

Okazu – Yuricon’s “official” blog, with yuri anime and manga reviews and news, and announcements of events, appearances, lectures and more.

Yuri no Boke – Katherine’s Yuri blog!

Youko’s Livejournal – Lililicious’s Rosa Chinensis, Erin, reviews Yuri manga galore.

Yasashiisekai – Marimite and plenty of squee-licious Yuri

Yuri Weblogs – Japanese

Yuri Kokoro – In Japanese only, news and reviews of Yuri anime and manga related reviews. Very informative!

azoraArt – Aozora Art, Rica Takashima’s blog about life in Japan and America.

Yurina Hibi – And another of the same, with pictures.

Moonphase – Fujieda Miyabi has the insider line on yuri happenings in Japan. A great resource for cutting edge news.

Small Call – A roll call of Yuri news and items, and a great list of Yuri circles at Comiket

No Lily No Life – An American comics fan in Japan.

Lesbian Erotica – Stories and Art by a new “circle” of lesbian artists and writers, includingWORKS‘ creator, Tadeno Eriko

Fantastic  Yuri Rhythm – Blog by talented artist and Precure fan Ransui Sato


Yuricon Social Networking Sites

Yuricon on Twitter

Yuricon on Facebook

Yuricon on Google+ – Our own little contribution to the enjoyment of Yuri in anime and manga – the largest (and, we think, the least sucky!) Yuri community on the Internet! Visit our Community Standards page for more information about our group. All Ages welcome.

Websites of Interest

Yuri-related fanfic, art and other stuff

“World Shaking” Fanfic – Erica’s fanfic site. A heck of alot of Yuri (and a little Yaoi/BL and even some straight couples too.)

Yurizuki – This site is fairly unique. Brought to you by Rosa Chinensis from Lililicious, Yurizuki offers scans and synopses of many less well-known yuri manga.

I Draw Girls – Comic drawing tutorials and much more. A great find for up and coming artists! – Dreiser’s fanfic site. Altfic galore!

Kat William’s Deviant Art site – Kathryn Williams, shoujoai manga artist, writer and promoter extraordinaire’s website.Drop by for Kat’s Yuri-themed art.

Fanfic Revolution – The writer’s circle for popular writers of anime and manga fanfiction. Many Yuri stories.

Aozora Art – Rica Takashima’s official site, with many articles (translated into English!) art and more. This site is best viewed with Internet Explorer.

The Ju-Ko Project – Judy Justice’s own fan and original art site. Stop by this talented artist’s site!

All Girls World is a site dedicated to fiction about all-female societies.


“Friends of Yuri”


ULTIMO SPALPEEN – A Japanese blog that follows the “overseas” anime and manga scene, and a very big supporter of Yuricon.

Sin Comix – these women are drawing, producing and publishing “adult” comics in all forms, yuri, yaoi, straight, fan work, original, etc. Support their work!

New York City Anime – A pretty darn comprehensive list of NYC-area anime and related cons, events, stores, reviews and more.

Comix Grrrlz – A Yuri-friendly Polish-language site for and by female fans of comics and manga – A Polish Yuri news site


Other Anime Conventions

Yaoicon – Our “sister” (or is that “brother”?) con on the West Coast; the yin to our yang, the Yaoi to our Yuri. Don’t forget to tell them that Yuricon sent you.

Anime Next – Yet another local convention, ANext is a general con, for people of all tastes. If you’re in the NYC area, check ’em out. We’re always there. – For info, links, stats on every other cone in North America and many outside.

Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Trans, Queer Resources of Interest

Prism Comics – A growing industry organization and community for G/L/B/T/Q artists, writers, publishers and fans

Afterellen – Popular lesbian media and gossip site. Has run several Yuri articles and an interview with Yuricon founder, Erica.

Orange Review – Chinese Language Blog about LGBT culture and media.

The Gay League – A community and link aggregator for anyone interested in G/L/B/T/Q comics

Lambda SciFi – These folks host Gaylaxicon, a scifi convention for gays, lesbians and their friends. Basically they’re doing in SF what we’re doing in anime. A cool group of froods.

Bravissima – An English-language website from Club Bravissima, a lesbian events group in Japan. Bravissima carries news clips from around the world, events in Japan, a glossary of Japanese g/l/b/t terms and lots more of interest to yuri fans.