Yuri Weblogs – English

Okazu – Yuricon’s “official” blog, with yuri anime and manga reviews and news, and announcements of events, appearances, lectures and more.

Yuri no Boke – Katherine’s Yuri blog!

Youko’s Livejournal – Lililicious’s Rosa Chinensis, Erin, reviews Yuri manga galore.

Yasashiisekai – Marimite and plenty of squee-licious Yuri

Yuri Weblogs – Japanese

Yuri Kokoro – In Japanese only, news and reviews of Yuri anime and manga related reviews. Very informative!

azoraArt – Aozora Art, Rica Takashima’s blog about life in Japan and America.

Yurina Hibi – And another of the same, with pictures.

Moonphase – Fujieda Miyabi has the insider line on yuri happenings in Japan. A great resource for cutting edge news.

Small Call – A roll call of Yuri news and items, and a great list of Yuri circles at Comiket

No Lily No Life – An American comics fan in Japan.

Lesbian Erotica – Stories and Art by a new “circle” of lesbian artists and writers, includingWORKS‘ creator, Tadeno Eriko

Fantastic  Yuri Rhythm – Blog by talented artist and Precure fan Ransui Sato


Yuricon Social Networking Sites

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Websites of Interest

Yuri-related fanfic, art and other stuff

“World Shaking” Fanfic – Erica’s fanfic site. A heck of alot of Yuri (and a little Yaoi/BL and even some straight couples too.)

Yurizuki – This site is fairly unique. Brought to you by Rosa Chinensis from Lililicious, Yurizuki offers scans and synopses of many less well-known yuri manga.

I Draw Girls – Comic drawing tutorials and much more. A great find for up and coming artists! – Dreiser’s fanfic site. Altfic galore!

Kat William’s Deviant Art site – Kathryn Williams, shoujoai manga artist, writer and promoter extraordinaire’s website.Drop by for Kat’s Yuri-themed art.

Fanfic Revolution – The writer’s circle for popular writers of anime and manga fanfiction. Many Yuri stories.

Aozora Art – Rica Takashima’s official site, with many articles (translated into English!) art and more. This site is best viewed with Internet Explorer.

The Ju-Ko Project – Judy Justice’s own fan and original art site. Stop by this talented artist’s site!

All Girls World is a site dedicated to fiction about all-female societies.


“Friends of Yuri”


ULTIMO SPALPEEN – A Japanese blog that follows the “overseas” anime and manga scene, and a very big supporter of Yuricon.

Sin Comix – these women are drawing, producing and publishing “adult” comics in all forms, yuri, yaoi, straight, fan work, original, etc. Support their work!

New York City Anime – A pretty darn comprehensive list of NYC-area anime and related cons, events, stores, reviews and more.

Comix Grrrlz – A Yuri-friendly Polish-language site for and by female fans of comics and manga – A Polish Yuri news site


Other Anime Conventions

Yaoicon – Our “sister” (or is that “brother”?) con on the West Coast; the yin to our yang, the Yaoi to our Yuri. Don’t forget to tell them that Yuricon sent you.

Anime Next – Yet another local convention, ANext is a general con, for people of all tastes. If you’re in the NYC area, check ’em out. We’re always there. – For info, links, stats on every other cone in North America and many outside.

Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Trans, Queer Resources of Interest

Prism Comics – A growing industry organization and community for G/L/B/T/Q artists, writers, publishers and fans

Afterellen – Popular lesbian media and gossip site. Has run several Yuri articles and an interview with Yuricon founder, Erica.

Orange Review – Chinese Language Blog about LGBT culture and media.

The Gay League – A community and link aggregator for anyone interested in G/L/B/T/Q comics

Lambda SciFi – These folks host Gaylaxicon, a scifi convention for gays, lesbians and their friends. Basically they’re doing in SF what we’re doing in anime. A cool group of froods.

Bravissima – An English-language website from Club Bravissima, a lesbian events group in Japan. Bravissima carries news clips from around the world, events in Japan, a glossary of Japanese g/l/b/t terms and lots more of interest to yuri fans.