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100 Years of Yuri Events Schedule

Yuricon Founder Erica Friedman will be speaking about the 100th Anniversary of the Yuri Genre at the following events:

Yurithon, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. August 16-18, 2019, Palais des congrès de Montréal.

Crunchyroll Expo, San Jose, CA, USA. August 30 – September 1, 2019. San Jose Convention Center

100 Years of Yuri Tour, Tokyo Japan – September 8-16, 2019. Sign-up deadline is July 9th. We hope you can join us for this historical event!

Michigan State University, Michigan. October 14-16, 2019.

AnimeNYC, New York City. November 15-17, 2019. Javits Convention Center

If you wish to have us talk at your event, school or organization, please contact us!

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100 Years of Yuri at Toronto Comic Arts Festival

Please join us at Toronto Comic Arts Festival, May 11-12, 2019 in Toronto, ON for a celebration of 100 Years of Yuri!

We’ll be kicking off with a look at 100 Years of Yuri at Toronto Reference Library Learning Centre, 1st Floor, at 10:00 AM on Saturday, May 11.

This will be followed by an Interview with and Signing session by Takashima Hiromi, creator of the Kase-san series, repeatedly one of the top series of the past decade here on Okazu. You will need to register for this event to be able to attend, but there is no admission. fee. This event is being held at the The Japan Foundation, 2 Bloor Street East, Toronto at 12:00 – 2:45 PM.

Drop by Page & Panel, the TCAF shop in the Toronto Reference Library to pick up some excellent Yuri manga and take a look at the 100 Years of Yuri Exhibit in the exhibit space just outside the store in the library.

And while you’re enjoying TCAF on Sunday do please drop by the Marriott High Park Ballroom 2 & 3 at 12:00 PM for Creator Spotlight with Emily Carroll and her new lesbian horror comic When I arrived at the Castle.

TCAF is one of the most queer-friendly events and I recommend you take a look at the TCAF 2019 program for loads of great queer-friendly content for fans of all ages!

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100 Years of Yuri at Toronto Comic Arts Festival

Please join Kase-san series creator Takashima Hiromi and Yuricon founder Erica Friedman at Toronto Comic Arts Festival for 100 Years of Yuri!

Hiromi Takashima will attend TCAF in support of the “100 Years of Yuri” program, headed by Yuri manga expert Eric Friedman, featured at the festival this year. In addition to a display of historical and contemporary yuri manga materials, and original art, Friedman will lead a discussion on the history of Yuri manga as part of TCAF’s programme. Takashima-sensei will also be featured in a special Feature interview, and will autograph copies of the Kase-san and… manga for fans.

Read the Full Announcement on the TCAF website.



Visit the 100 Years of Yuri Exhibition in the Gallery Display at Page & Panel, Toronto Reference Library!

TCAF is proud to present 100 Years of Yuri, a program curated by Erica Friedman to be featured at The Toronto Comic Arts Festival this year.

A display of original yuri materials will be exhibited at Page & Panel in the month of May, 2019, in conjunction with The Toronto Comic Arts Festival. Materials will include English and Japanese manga, and original artworks/genga.

Read the Full Announcement on the TCAF website.

Admission to TCAF is free. Hope to see you there!

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100 Years of the Yuri Genre Anniversary Kickoff!


The end of last month, we officially kicked off our 100th Anniversary of the Yuri Genre series with what I hope will be a saturation of articles, interviews and podcasts. 

Thanks to the folks at Proyecto Sugoi for the chance to talk about Yuri in the first of my 100th Anniversary of Yuri interviews!

Also many thanks to Anime Herald, for letting me write a post about this anniversary for them. Yuri-1919-2019, Then and Now.

Don’t miss our once-in-a-lifetime 100th Anniversary Japan Tour. Seriously, this is the coolest thing we have ever done. Okazu Patrons get a discounted deposit fee. 

Speaking of the perqs of patronage, Okazu Patrons have been given an exclusive sneak peak of a new chapter for the Big Book ‘o Yuri (still not its official name, but it makes me laugh). Become an Okazu Patron and get a look at Yuri Magazines and Anthologies, Part 1.

And check out our new headline banner here on Okazu. How spiffy is that? Thanks to our brilliant designer and web guru Lissa for this lovely anniversary rendition of our Okazu mascots. 

Help me celebrate this important anniversary – contact me if you’d like me to speak as part of your event, organization, school or podcast!

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“Celebrate 100 Years of Yuri” Tour of Japan from Yuricon and Pac-Set Travel!

[FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE] JANUARY 31, 2019: Yuricon, a celebration of Yuri in anime and manga, and Japan travel leader PacSet (PacSet Tours Inc.) have joined forces to launch the first guided trip to Japan dedicated to the Yuri genre of Japanese animation and manga. The trip will take place from September 8 until September 17 of this year.

Created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Yuri and lesbian images in Japanese art and literature, the trip will escort Yuri fans on a journey across Japan’s Kanto region to locations featured in many famed Yuri works, as well as popular series like Sailor Moon. The group will also attend the Girls Love Fest to check out the latest in Yuri fan works. In keeping with PacSet’s “off-the-beaten-path” focus, the trip will also visit the famous Akasaka Hikawa Festival, under-explored Tokyo neighborhoods, and spend an overnight at a hot spring resort in the Shonan region.

The journey will have two leaders; Yuricon founder Erica Friedman, who has led smaller private groups to Yuri-themed events and spots in Japan for more than a decade, and PacSet founder Evan Miller, the designer of the trip and creator of numerous trips for fans of Japanese popular culture, including North America’s largest anime-themed trip to Japan.

“We are truly lucky to have the chance to work on a project like this with Erica and the Okazu family,” says Miller. “PacSet has built a strong reputation for working with fans and creators, and to have the chance to create something like this is truly exciting. We hope people like what we have planned!”

The trip includes all accommodations, admission to all activities, all rail transit, and much much more. Prices start at $2,795 for the full journey, and $3,695 for the trip plus round trip airfare to Tokyo from Los Angeles. Guests can visit https://www.pacsettravel.com/ to book.

ABOUT YURICON: Yuricon was founded in 2000 by Erica Friedman with the mission of bringing together fans of lesbian images in Japanese animation and comics. Erica has written about Yuri for Japanese literary journal Eureka,  Animerica magazine, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund,  Dark Horse, and contributed to Forbes, Slate, Huffington Post, Hooded Utilitarian, Afterellen and The Mary Sue online. She has written news and event reports, interviews Yuri creators and reviews Yuri anime, manga and related media on her blog Okazu since 2002.

ABOUT PACSET: PacSet (PacSet Tours Inc.) offers a wide variety of Japan adventures that blend both traditional and pop cultures, while also allowing guests to customize their experience. PacSet also specializes in tours for student groups in Japan and travel arrangements for independent travelers. To learn more or make a booking, visit www.pacsettravel.com, e-mail info@pacsettravel.com, or call (310) 218-3816. CST#2107554-40.

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Subscribe to Okazu and Receive and Invitation to our Exclusive Okazu Holiday Party!

Subscribe to Okazu on Patreon and get: Yuri anime and manga reviews, news, podcast, event reports, and an invitation to the exclusive Okazu Holiday Party! 

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Thank you to my Okazu Family!

Thank you to my Okazu Family!

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Yuricon Autumn 2018 Events Schedule

Yuricon Founder Erica Friedman will be at the following events:

New York Comic Con – October 4-7, 2018 New York, NY.
Erica will be working as press, so no panels, but if you catch up to her, do say hi!

Newark Museum Second Sundays — Manga Mania – October 14, 2018, Newark Museum, Newark, NJ
Erica will be presenting a lecture on Tezuka Osamu and fashion in manga! Join her 1-4:30 PM. Bring your manga-loving friends!

Derpycon – November 9-11, Morristown, NJ
Erica will be presenting a panel or two on queer manga at this lovely local con! Details on time/date TBA. Prizes will be given out for good questions!

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Yuricon.com Site Revewal

Revisit the history of the Yuricon website, with a look back into the various incarnations over almost 20 years. On Okazu we walk you through the last two decades, so you can see how the site has changed.

Then come back and click around to visit the newest incarnation of Yuricon.com!

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Yuricon at AnimeNEXT in Atlantic City, NJ!

Please join Yuricon founder Erica Friedman at AnimeNEXT, June 8-10 in Atlantic City, NJ where she will be a Guest Panelist. She will be bringing Yuri content and prizes for great questions all weekend long!

Thursday, June 7, 2018:

Sailor Moon Musical – Le Mouvement Final Screening
Join me and other Sailor Moon fans 8:30P at the Bourbon Room, inside the Showboat Atlantic City Hotel for a screening of the live-action Sailor Moon musical! I’ll be presenting a short intro, explaining the musicals, Takarazuka and things to note!

Friday, June 8, 2018:

Yuri Court  -12:45pm – 1:45pm
Join me for a game where you defend or accuse a Yuri series of being bad (guilty) or good (innocent)! This panel is full audience-participation and prizes for convincing arguments will be lavishly awarded!

Must Read/Must Watch Yuri – 6:15pm – 7:15pm
We’re talking classic and new series and stuff to watch and read and singalong to. ^_^

Saturday, June 8, 2018: 

!? vs ?! – The Great Debate!!! – 11:00am – 12:00pm
Two passionate duelists on the field of battle….which one will convince you that they are right? Watch me take on another Guest for a mystery debate that will shock you!

The “Secret” History of Yaoi and Yuri – 12:15pm – 1:15pm
Have you ever wondered where the tropes all come from? You should! Boy’s Love and Yuri have a rich literary and artistic history in Japan. Learn about it all here.

Sunday, June 10, 2018:

An American Otaku in Japan -11:15am – 12:15pm
If you have ever wondered how to get to Japan, how to get around once you’re there, what to eat, where to eat and how to find anime and manga goods, you’ve come to the right panel

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2018 Okazu Patreon Campaign!

8 events, 5 posts a week, 40% more patrons – we’re now able to pay Guest Reviewers – 2017 was amazing year for Okazu!

And we expect an even better 2018, with new goals and a new reward for all patrons on Patreon!


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Get a Glimpse at the ‘Big Book o’Yuri’ by subscribing to Okazu on Patreon!

We’ve hit major milestone in what has a working title of the “Big Book o’Yuri” – the definitive book on history, influences, key series, definitions, and random things related to Yuri that Erica wants to write about, etc, etc. This project, which is going to cover approximately 100 years of the genre we love is halfway done! Yay!

In honor of this momentous occasion, we’re offering our first-ever “Patron Only” content! Get this glimpse of the definitive on Yuri book by subscribing to Okazu on Patreon! All patrons who are subscribed at any level will get a peek behind the screens at some of the newest content on October 8th. Your patronage makes it possible for me to do the work of writing what will be the most comprehensive book about Yuri ever. Every dollar helps and will get you a look at brand-new, non-public content.

Subscriptions over $5/month get a badge and mention on the Okazu Hero Roll, chances at special patron-only Lucky Boxes and our sincere thanks!

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Why We Call It “Yuri” on Anime Feminist

A brief article for the Anime Feminist blog, discussing some of the words used to describe manga and doujinshi with female same-sex couples and why Yuri creators and fans decided specifically on the word, “Yuri” during a conversation in a cafe in Tokyo in 2005. (Also, capturing oral history, so we don’t lose it in the depths of Internet rumors.)

Why We Call It Yuri has been added to the Yuricon Essays Page links.


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Yuricon at Yurithon!

Please join us August 4-6 in Montreal, Canada for Yurithon, part of the Otakuthon event. I’ll be joined by some of my senior staff and dearest friends (but not all, and we’re really going to miss those of you not there!) and we’re doing a bunch of panels. I’m bring a bunch of stuff to give out as prizes, so come with your best questions ready!

Here’s where you can definitely find us!

Friday: 5:00pm-6:00pm: The Secret History of Yaoi and Yuri
In this presentation, I trace the artistic and literary roots of some of the common tropes of Yuri and BL.

Saturday: 1:00pm-3:00pm: Must Read/Must Watch Yuri
This is our “flagship” panel – 90 minutes of Yuri anime and manga. We’ve brought animation clips and and tons of stuff to watch and read. Prizes are primary for this panel. Bring it on!

Saturday: 7:00pm-8:00pm: A Yuri Otaku in Japan
We’re going to give you the Yuri-focused downlow on getting to Japan, staying there, shopping there and going to events there. Want to know where to get Yuri? Join us and find out.

Sunday: 1:00pm-2:00pm: “Yuri Court”
This is a silly game I made up on the spot for a con Sunday. ^_^ Participants will “present a case” for a Yuri being Guilty (of being crappy) or Innocent (by being good) and a panel of judges (not just me, so don’t worry that I’m gonna slam your decision. There’s three of us, I can be outvoted. ^_^) will decide on a verdict. I hope to have some prizes left to offer folks for this game.

If you’re an Okazu reader or a member of the Yuricon community, please introduce yourself. I want to meet you all and thank you in person. ^_^

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Yuri Essays Page Renewal!

To assist in Yuricon’s ongoing mission to disseminate information and research about Yuri, we’ve updated and slightly redesigned the Yuri Essays page!  Broken links have been fixed, and new resources have been added, as well, to keep this page a one-stop-shop for all the Yuri-related research extant in English. Links to full-text articles exist where they are available.

You can much more easily find essays by category:

And of course you can always use the site search to find something specific.

If you have a Yuri-related essay you’d like us to include on this page, please do contact us!



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New Yuri Essay by Erica

On Defining Yuri by Erica Friedman, in Transformative Works and Cultures, no. 24., June, 2017.

Erica looks at the term yuri,  as both descriptive and divisive, shaped by creators and industry and by different audiences within fandom. The story of yuri is the story of a genre driven forward and backward between conflicting requirements and heterogeneous audiences.

Check out the Yuri Essays page for other writings, interviews and videos of Yuri discussion and research.

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Yuricon Manga and Comic Events 2017 Calendar

Yuricon founder Erica Friedman’s appearance schedule for 2017. New events will be added as they are confirmed.

(Events in which it is confirmed that I’ll be participating in are in bold.)

MoCCA Arts Festival, April 1-2, 2017. New York City, USA. (80% confirmed that I’ll be there on Saturday.) Read the Event Report!

Queer & Comics – April 14-15, 2017. San Francisco, CA, USA. I’ll be participating and moderation panels. Read the Event Report!

Toronto Comics Art Festival – May 13-14, 2017, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I’ll be helping out with moderation. Read the Event Report! Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Yurithon – August 4-6, 2017. Montreal Quebec, Canada. I’m a Special Guest,so expect me to be paneling and hanging around. ^_^

Flamecon – August 19-20. New York City, NY, USA.  I’ll be there as Press, so hanging around, talking to folks.

AnimeNYC – November 17-19, 2017 , New York, NY, USA. Tired of being lost in the throngs at New York Comic Con? Looking for a NYC event that focuses on anime and manga? Check out AnimeNYC, at Javits Center. Three days of only anime and manga content, with the entire Sailor Moon English voice cast! I’ll be there as press.

If you want me at your event, please get in touch asap, you can see that the year fills up pretty quick these days. ^_^


If you want me at your event, please get in touch asap, you can see that the year fills up pretty quick these days. ^_^


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Alt Manga, Queer Manga – Telling Our Own Stories on Youtube

iWith many thanks to the University of Michigan Center for Japanese Studies, the entirely of my lecture Alt Manga, Queer Manga – Telling Our Own Stories s now available on the Yuricon Essays Page.

Learn how queer creators and fans’ desires gave birth to queer manga genres Boys’ Love, Yuri and gay manga!



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Event: Yuri Lecture at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor on 1/19

Join Yuricon founder, Erica Friedman at the University of Michigan, in Ann Arbor, MI on Thursday, January 19, 2017 , 12:00-1:30 PM in Room 1636 School of Social Work Building for the Center for Japanese Studies Noontime Lecture Series.

Alt Manga, Queer Manga: Telling Our Own Stories will cover the history of LGBTQ manga in Japan and the west, and delve into the issues of fan interpretation of commercial manga.

Please contact the CJS at the above link for seating availability.

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Yuri Games and Visual Novels on the Yuricon Store!

ILYiconWe’ve hit a point this year where were have enough English-language VNs and sims that it’s absolutely worth collecting them in one place. To that end I’ve added a Yuri Games & Visual Novels page on the Yuricon Store.

Now the Yuricon Store is home to the most comprehensive listing online or off, of Yuri Manga in Japanese and in English, Digital Yuri Manga, Yuri Anime on DVD or BD, Yuri Light Novels, Yuri Drama CDs, Yuri Goods and Yuri Games!  And we’re adding more all the time.

The new category is fully searchable, by Developer, Name, or genre focus. Links are available to physical copies and digital where they both exist. So have some fun on Yuricon’s new Yuri Game & Visual Novels page.


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