Comic Cune, October 2015 / コミックキューン 2015年10月号

Monthly Comic Cune is new magazine that features moe art, paranormal comedies and Yuri, featuring stories by Kuzushiro and Fujieda Miyabi, and poster art by Namori.

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  • Publisher: KADOKAWA; 月刊 edition (August 27, 2015)
  • Language: 日本語
  • ASIN: B0132M7KSC
  • Release Date: August 27, 2015
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1 review for Comic Cune, October 2015 / コミックキューン 2015年10月号

  1. Erica Friedman

    …the Yuri’s great, and it’s nice to see artists I know and love in another magazine…and I’ll just ignore the big blobby heads and “zOMG so cute, aren’t they so cute being cute?” moe art. But what’s going to keep me reading this is the utterly weird monster comedy that made me laugh out loud.

    Read the Full Review on Okazu.

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