Yuricon Presents the Yuri Panel at Anime Next!

Yuricon is pleased be part of our local hometown con once again, AnimeNEXT at the Garden State Exhibition Center in Somerset, NJ.

We will be holding a Yuri Panel at 6PM on Friday, June 7th 

We’ll be giving away tons of stuff, so don’t miss it. There’s good Yuri news (and some sad news) but we’ll have a lot to talk about. Questions welcome, but all you need to bring is your love of Yuri!

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2 Responses

  1. Will they be discussing Ika Musume by any chance?

    • Highly unlikely. It’s not a Yuri series, it’s a series that has some sliver of Yuri in it. So do many others. There are others of more note we’ll be discussing.