Interview with Yuriko – 2001

Yuriko by Judy Justice

Since Yuricon mascot and out lesbian pop idol Yuriko can be used in all Yuricon Fan art and Fanfic contests, we thought a preliminary interview was in order. We managed to find  some time in her busy schedule and here are the questions we asked.

(This interview was first published in Spring, 2001, when Yuricon was still called  AniLesboCon)

Q: Welcome to AniLesboCon! Who are the flowers for? Do you have a girlfriend?

A: Well, the flowers are for you. *smile* Not yet, but I might persuaded…

Q: Vital statistics?

A: Height – 5′ 9″ weight – I have no idea, hair – dirty blonde, eyes – dark blue, I wear glasses, not contacts, and my blood type is O. Age – I’m legal. *laugh*

Q: O, huh? Aren’t O’s supposed to be friendly and flirtatious?

A: You tell me. *laugh*

Q: Favorite…?

A: My favorite color is red, especially red cars. My favorite food is pizza. And my favorite instrument is cello.

Q: That’s quite a variety of favorites! Any hobbies?

A: I love to listen to music and travel. I also like art, especially sculpture. I read a lot, hence the weak eyes, and…*laugh* I like girl-watching.

Q: What  do you look for in a woman?

A: That’s hard to answer, of course. I like eyes that light up with excitement over different things. I like spontaneity, a sense of adventure and I like to dance, so someone light on their feet is nice.

Q: Are you busy later? *laugh* Seriously, when you’re not dressed up, how do you dress? And when you are?

A: *grin* Maybe. Let’s see – at home I lounge around in t-shirts that are too big and jeans and I wear fluffy pink slippers. When I’m dressed? Suit and tie sometimes, if I’m going for the big kill, or just nice pants and silk blouses. I’m fascinated to see what the new poll will have me wearing! *laugh*

Q: Us too! How would you feel about wearing a kimono? Or the “other” leathers?

A: It should be fun!

Q: Well, thanks for your time – it’s nice to get to know you. We look forward to seeing you in more pictures around the site.

A: Thank you – I look forward to it!


Well, there you have it, folks!

Get to know Yuriko even better by reading Shoujoai ni Bokuen: The Adventures of Yuriko, a Yuri serial, starring one of the cutest lesbians in manga.

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