Sasamekikoto Longest Day of Sumika / ささめきこと 純夏の一番長い日

The Birthday Gambit. We all know it as one of the most tedious plot complications possible in anime and manga. Whether it devolves into the “What, it’s your birthday?” series of painful lies that end up in a surprise party or the “Invite everyone, even my enemies” style party in which chaos consumes the plot, anyone that has read or watched more than a few anime or manga series will be familiar with the mortification that consumes us as we watch yet another agonizing birthday celebration. What could possibly be worse?

Well…it could be rendered into a musical number about your hopeless one-sided love for your best friend, sung by everyone else in your life.

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CD (December 23, 2009)
Number of Discs: 1
Label: flying DOG
Run Time: 57 分
EAN: 4580226565980

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