Madlax Complete Collection (DVD Hybrid)

Madlax is an assassin in a war-torn country, Margaret Burton is an schoolgirl in a peaceful country. Something, some ancient magic connects the two of them, dragging Margaret into Madlax’s violent world of war and sorcery in the second of the Bee Train “girls with guns on the run” series.

Action – Fantasy

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  • Publisher – SECTION23 FILMS
  • Genre – Action
  • Media – DVD
  • Format – Hybrid
  • Age Rating – 14+
  • 650 Minutes
  • Release Date – Apr 7 2009
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1 review for Madlax Complete Collection (DVD Hybrid)

  1. Erica Friedman

    I still maintain that Madlax is the best writing that Bee Train has done. It has the mystery of the .hack series, without the endless meaningless chatter that goes nowhere, the Yuri and violence of Noir, the despair and love of Avenger and a story that resolves, unlike all of them. ^_^

    This series was originally released on 7 disks. Read the Full Reviews on Okazu:
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