Ibara no Namida / いばらの泪

College student Maki meets and clearly falls for the new student on campus, Kanna. But due to pas experiences, she loses her chance…again. But her friend Lilla is determined to wake the princess up from her dark sleep.

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  • コミック: 146 pages
  • Publisher: 一迅社 (January 18, 2011)
  • ISBN-10: 4758071314
  • ISBN-13: 978-4758071314
  • Release Date: January 18, 2011
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1 review for Ibara no Namida / いばらの泪

  1. Erica Friedman

    I’ve always had a softer spot in my heart for Sleeping Beauty than Romeo and Juliet, and I’m always pleased when the Princess wakes the Princess with a kiss. ^_^

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