Honey & Honey / ハニー&ハニー (JP)

This book was designed to explain lesbian and sexual minority life to straight women, with gentle humor. Everything from “how did you know you were lesbian?” to breaking up, from debunking “all lesbians were abused by men” to dating basics. Sachiko (neko) and her girlfriend Masako (tachi) go out together to buy underwear and have dinner and face confusion, derision and misunderstandings from friends and family, as well as find support, love and community.

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単行本: 141 pages
Publisher: メディアファクトリー (February 1, 2007)
ISBN-10: 4840117918
ISBN-13: 978-4840117913

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1 review for Honey & Honey / ハニー&ハニー (JP)

  1. Erica Friedman

    If you’re a young person, trying to swim upstream against all the “but…” questions from friends and relatives, grab a copy of the this book and hand it over to the questioner – that’s *exactly* what it’s for.

    Read the Full Review on Okazu.

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