GIRL FRIENDS Drama CD /ガールフレンズ ドラマCD

When quiet, studious Mari is befriended by popular fashionable girl Akiko, her school life completely changes. She’s never had a close friend before. But are her feeling “friendship” or something else? A Drama CD based on Morinaga Milk’s popular Yuri Manga series.

読書が趣味で真面目で平凡な高校生活を送っていた真理子とちょっぴり派手でおしゃれ大好きなあっこ。それまではお互い別のグループにいた2人がひょんなことから親友に!? やがて真理子はあっこに友達という言葉ではおさまらない感情を抱き始め……!? 百合漫画界のトップマンガ家が描く女の子同士の超リアルな「友情」物語!!


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CD (January 28, 2011)
Number of Discs: 1
Label: インディーズ・メーカー
EAN: 4571369550025
Series Creator: Milk Morinaga / 森永みるく

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1 review for GIRL FRIENDS Drama CD /ガールフレンズ ドラマCD

  1. Erica Friedman

    Because there are no visuals, and the spoken words have to provide the actions as well as the words, the dialogue very much sounds as if Mari is receiving training on “How to Be a Girl, 101.” Mariko even considers this, towards the end, as she’s rapidly slipping into “more than friend” feelings for Akiko.

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