Flowers -Le volume sur printemps-

Suoh Shirahane, a painfully shy girl with a mysterious past, will begin her first year of high school. Follow her as she navigates new friendships within the academy’s special “Amitiė” partner program and attempts to unravel the many mysteries at the academy, including occult rituals and the mysterious disappearance of fellow students, all while trying to pass her classes.

Within the halls of Saint Angraecum Academy, spring warms into summer, as does Suoh's friendships until they too blossom into something much more.

Also available on Steam.



Developer: Innocent Grey
Publisher: JAST USA
Release Date: Aug 17, 2016

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1 review for Flowers -Le volume sur printemps-

  1. Erica Friedman

    If you enjoy the stylized narrative of a impossible Christianish school in which girls act like no humans actually act and speak in mysterious ways, in order to pair them up as romantic and sexual partners, then Flowers is definitely for you.

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