Burst Angel Volume 3

As Jo battles an opponent from her past, it may be up to Meg to save her partner from defeat. But when Meg is injured and kidnapped by villains from a pharmaceutical corporation, will Jo and Meg’s partnership permanently dissolve? And what role does Sei play in all of this? Will Jo finally realize how much Meg really means to her? Find out what happens as Burst Angel the manga comes to a conclusion, leading right up to where the anime begins!

Story and art by Gonzo and Minoru Murao.

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  • Publisher – TOKYOPOP
  • Media – Printed Material
  • Age Rating – 16+ (More Information)
  • Condition – Bargain Bin
  • Page Count – 192
  • Release Date – May 5 2009
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  1. Erica Friedman

    Answer: Love

    Question: What is the one thing that defines something as being not a “monster?”

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