Burst Angel Volume 1

Meg and Jo are the team from “Jacks of All Trades,” two smoking-hot hired guns who will take on just about any dirty job if the price is right. Jo’s the crack-shot, and Meg… Well, Meg has a talent for getting abducted. But when these sexy mercenaries are forced to hide out at bully-magnet Takeru’s apartment, it’s the beginning of an unlikely friendship amidst the flying bullets and foiled kidnappings!

Story and art by Gonzo and Minoru Murao.

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  • Publisher – TOKYOPOP
  • Media – Printed Material
  • Age Rating – 16+ (More Information)
  • Condition – Bargain Bin
  • Page Count – 192
  • Release Date – Sep 9 2008
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1 review for Burst Angel Volume 1

  1. Erica Friedman

    I’ve read comments here and that dismiss the manga because there is a young boy character inserted into the story. Don’t dismiss it because of that. The story is never about the boy, even if he does return later in the volume. The story is absolutely, firmly, about Jo and Meg. And, like the anime, it quickly becomes about Jo.

    Read the Full Review on Okazu.

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