Shoujo Yuri Manga Guide

This is, as far as we at Yuricon know, the most comprehensive list of all shoujo yuri – that is, manga for a female audience that deals with romantic or sexual relationships between women. Most of the mangaka listed here have written many other, non shoujoai or yuri-themed stories. This guide is arranged in two parts: the first is sorted by date, then author and title; the second alphabetically by author. Many thanks to Kishiji Bando for her permission to use it on our website. Please thank her for this unique and wonderful resource! Loooking for yuri manga where the girl gets the girl?  Rica ‘tte Kanji!? by Rica Takashima and WORKS by Eriko Tadeno are on sale now at the ALC Manga Shop!

SORTED BY DATE By Kishiji Bando

  • 1971 ———- YAMAGISHI Ryohko : Shiroi Heya no Futari
  • 1972-73 ——- IKEDA Riyoko : Rose de Versailles
  • 1974 ———- IKEDA Riyoko : Oniisama e
  • 1974-75 ——- YAMAGISHI Ryohko : Arabesque Part II
  • 1976 ———- YUZUKI Hikaru : Boku no Shotaiken
  • 1978 ———- IKEDA Riyoko : Claudine
  • 198?-92 ——- SHITOU Ryoko : YajiKita Gakuen Douchuki
  • 1987 ———- IGARASHI Yumiko : Paros no Ken
  • 1987-95 ——- TAKAGUCHI Satosumi : Hana no Asuka-gumi!
  • 1990-96 ——- CLAMP : Seiden RG Veda
  • 1991-97 ——- TAKEUCHI Naoko : Sailor V
  • 1992 ———- AKISATO Wakuni : Jukkai-me no Jukkai
  • 1992-97 ——- TAKEUCHI Naoko : Sailor Moon
  • 1992-present — CLAMP : X
  • 1993 ———- FUJIMURA Mari : Futtemo Haretemo
  • 1993 ———- ICHIJOH Yukari : Dakara Boku wa Tameiki o Tsuku
  • 1993-96 ——- CLAMP : Magic Knight Rayearth
  • 1993-present — CLAMP : Miyuki-chan in Wonderland
  • 1994-95 ——- SHIINA Ayumi : Anata to Scandal
  • 1994-present — SHIMIZU Reiko : Kaguya Hime
  • 1995-98 ——- NANANAN Kiriko : Haruchin
  • 1995-present — YUKI Kaori : Angel Sanctuary
  • 1996 ———- SAKURAZAWA Erica : Love Vibes
  • 1996 ———- NANANAN Kiriko : Blue
  • 1996-97 ——- SAITOU Chiho : Shoujo Kakumei Utena
  • 1996-2000 —– CLAMP : Card Captor Sakura
  • 1997 ———- SAITOU Chiho : SKU Adolescence Mokushiroku
  • 1997-present — CLAMP : Clover
  • 1998 ———- MOMOCHI Reiko : Kindan no Kuchizuke
  • 1998 ———- KOTOBUKI Tsukasa : Akihabara Dennogumi Pata Pi!
  • 1999 ———- FUJII Mihona : Himitsu no Hanazono
  • 1999 ———- OMISHI Rei : Risky Safety
  • 1999-2000 —– TSUDA Mikiyo : Kakumei no Hi
  • 2000-present — AOI Nanase : Angel/Dust
  • 2000-present — HARUNO Nanae : Pieta
  • 2001 ———- TAKEUCHI Naoko : Toki Meka
  • 2002 ———- YAMAJI Ebine : Indigo Blue


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Note that there are three sections here: the main one, and two annexes. The annexes are: “Newtype manga” (manga that have been, or are being, published in Newtype magazine are found here) and “Yuri-anime-related manga” (manga that are not-so-yuri but someway related to yuri-laced shoujo anime are found here).

AKISATO Wakuni : Jukkai-me no Jukkai
Published in Bessatsu Shoujo Comic, 1992
Commentary: The two heroines are passionately in love with each other, but they know there will be big trouble if people find out about their love. Eventually, one of them marries the other’s older brother, and the two girls carry on their affair in secret. Good story about a romantic relationship between two girls that isn’t platonic at all. And the heroines end up together (even if not in an ideal situation), which is uncommon and certainly a good point. Side note: Jukkai-me no Jukkai is a short story, too short to make a volume by itself. It has been collected with other short manga in a volume titled “Odamari!”
(label Flower Comics, first published in 1993).

AOI Nanase : Angel/Dust

CLAMP : Seiden RG Veda
Published in Wings, 1990-96
Commentary: There is a very tiny bit of yuri here, almost not worth mentioning. Two secondary characters are lesbian lovers, and we get to see some short scenes in which their relationship is implied. It’s about a dozen pages of this ten volumes manga.

Published in Asuka, 1992-present
Commentary: Tooru and Saya, two very minor characters, used to be lovers. Tooru is Kamui’s mother, and Saya is Fuuma’s mother (Kamui and Fuuma are both main characters). When the manga starts, the two women are already dead… but we get to see some flashbacks in which their loving relationship is more or less implied. It’s about twenty pages in a manga with twenty two volumes planned.

CLAMP : Magic Knight Rayearth

CLAMP : Miyuki-chan in Wonderland

CLAMP : Card Captor Sakura
Published in Nakayoshi, 1996-2000
Commentary: This is a great work, one of CLAMP’s best manga ever. And yuri undertones are everywhere! Especially between Tomoyo & Sakura. ^_^ Card Captor Sakura has almost everything: great story, great artwork, humor, cuteness, romance, friendship, magic, suspense, sweet heartwarming moments… It lacks, however, a decent wrap-up; the ending was badly botched.

CLAMP : Clover
Published in Amie, 1997-present
Commentary: Many people think there’s something yuri going on between Oruha and Suu. Maybe they are right and maybe they are not. Let’s just say that, whatever the case, the relationship stays at a purely platonic level.

FUJII Mihona : Himitsu no Hanazono
Published in Ribon Mascot, 1999
Commentary: This is a short manga, only six chapters, so I can’t tell much without spoiling everything… Misono is a girl with serious family problems. One day, she meets this wonderful “boy” named Sakuya and falls passionately in love with “him”. Sakuya, as you might expect, turns out to be a girl. But Misono loves Sakuya so much, she doesn’t mind such a minor detail. Problem is, what are Sakuya’s true feelings for Misono? And who is this Himeko girl who claims to be Sakuya’s bride? ^_^ A very good story, romantic and heartwarming, with interesting moments of passion and sex. *^_^* (no, nothing explicit, but… *^_^* )

FUJIMURA Mari : Futtemo Haretemo
Published in Bessatsu Margaret, 1993
Commentary: A story about two girls involved in a very intense yuri relationship (nothing physical, but very strong and passionate feelings). Sadly, they eventually decide to be “just good friends” and they both end up marrying guys.

HARUNO Nanae : Pieta
Published under ‘Young YOU Comics’ label, 2000
Commentary: The life and relationship of two young girls in high school, Rio and Sahoko, who are roommates, best friends, lovers and so much more… ^_^ Good story, good art, plenty of sweet romantic moments, plenty of angst, conflict and tragedy. Many thanks to our fellow MLer Mona and to Seishinja, admin of Manga Bonbons, for telling us about this manga and clarifying various plot points. ^_^

ICHIJOH Yukari : Dakara Boku wa Tameiki o Tsuku
Published in Chorus, 1993
Commentary: I don’t have much info on this one, but Matt Thorn himself recommended it.

IGARASHI Yumiko : Paros no Ken
Published in Asuka, 1987
Commentary: This one is certainly surprising. A powerful, no-ambiguity, no-nonsense story of lesbian love is not what one would have expected from the authoress of Candy Candy andGeorgie. ^_^; Special thanks to Mona, who first told me about it. ^_^ The title translates literally as “Sword of Paros”. Erminia is the princess of the Kingdom of Paros, in medieval Greece. She is more suited to be a prince, though: she’s cool, she’s strong, she’s a very good swordswoman, and, most important, she falls in love with cute, sweet, innocent peasant girl Fiona. ^_^ A great yuri manga, it has been described sometimes as “A version of Rose de Versailles in which Oscar hitches up with Rosalie!” ^_^ And they live happily ever after, which is a good point. ^_^
Side note: Paros no Ken was co-authored by Kurimoto Kaoru (a very popular SF/fantasy writer).

IKEDA Riyoko : Rose de Versailles
Published in Margaret, 1972-73
Commentary: A true classic. The story of Oscar, a girl who lives the life of a man in France in the eighteenth century. Being a “nobleman”, Oscar becomes an army officer and, later, the commander of a company of the Royal Guards at Versailles Palace. She befriends Queen Marie Antoinette and other important people. But the time of Revolution is coming… Pretty girls in this manga seem to be always falling for Oscar at first sight, which makes for great yuri innuendo, but, usually, things don’t go further than the flirting stage. The heroine doesn’t get into any serious yuri relationship, even though there was at least one girl (sweet young Rosalie) who was truly and sincerely in love with her… too bad…

IKEDA Riyoko : Oniisama e
Published in Margaret, 1974
Commentary: Another awesome manga by Ikeda-sensei. This is the story of Nanako’s life in an exclusive all-girls high school, and revolves around such subjects as lesbian passion, drugs, disease, incest, suicide and a very tragic love triangle involving Nanako and two other girls. Oniisama e is a beautiful masterpiece; no shoujo yuri fan should miss reading it.

IKEDA Riyoko : Claudine
Published in Margaret, 1978
Commentary: A serious lesbian story. The heroine thinks of herself as “a man trapped in a woman’s body”. She falls in love with another girl, who seems to return her feelings – and the two of them have a very intense relationship. Sadly, it doesn’t go well and everything ends in tragedy.

KOTOBUKI Tsukasa : Akihabara Dennogumi Pata Pi!

MOMOCHI Reiko : Kindan no Kuchizuke
Published in Za Friend, 1998
Commentary: Kindan is one of the short stories that are found in the tankoubon “Itami”. Ririko is in love with her schoolmate Kanna, but Kanna is very difficult to approach. As it turns out, Kanna has a lot of family problems, being sexually abused by her scumbag of a dad on a daily basis… ^_^;; Eventually, the nasty guy is brutally killed (I’m not telling by who… ^_^ ) and Ririko admits her feelings to Kanna, but… will Kanna accept such a relationship with another girl? A lot of thanks go to Jill (her site:, who first told me about this one.

NANANAN Kiriko : Haruchin
Published in Hanako, 1995-98
Commentary: Haruchin and Chiichan are two young ladies, best friends, who live together in the big city. They make an amazing otoko-yaku/musume-yaku pair, Haruchin being very boy-like, strong, assertive, etc. and Chiichan being very feminine. They don’t have a Haruka/Michiru sorta relationship, though: they are both supposed to be very much het girls. In fact, Chiichan has a steady: a high-class guy who has lots of good points, being hunky, rich, generous, etc. Thing is, he is also quite a wuss. Therefore, every time Chiichan is in trouble and needs the help of a stronger person, every time sumthing must be done that calls for the strength of a man, Haruchin is the one who ends up having to handle it and “save” Chiichan. ^_^ The idea with this manga is that you, the reader, should identify completely with Chiichan and then enjoy the (almost) perfect marital relationship you have with Haruchin – all the time, of course, sticking with the story that Haruchin and you are just friends, hetero, both normal girls who like to date males and plan to marry men one day, etc. “Le plaisir sans faute”, the French saying goes.

NANANAN Kiriko : Blue
Published in COMIC Are, 1996
Commentary: The love story of two young girls, Kayako and Masami, at an all-girls high school in a small Japanese town. An all-out yuri manga, very serious, very well-written. Deals with some very adult   subjects, such as social homophobia, teen pregnancy and abortion, family violence, etc.

SAITOU Chiho : Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Published in Ciao, 1996-97
Commentary: The love story of Tenjou Utena and Himemiya Anthy, two young girls in junior high school at the very exclusive Ohtori Academy. One day, Utena defeats another student in a weird sword duel and is then told that she has won the coveted title of Victor (read “reigning champion”) of the Duel. And, as it turns out, with that fancy title comes possession of Anthy, the mysterious girl known as the Bride of the Rose, who exists only to serve the Victor and becomes, from that day on, Utena’s “bride” and personal slave… ^_^ There are many magical mysteries in Ohtori Gakuen and many mystical secrets behind the Duel Game… Utena, wanting to protect Anthy, wanting the girl that has become her “bride” to stay always at her side, tries to find answers to her questions… And she eventually discovers that… Side note:SKU was created by Be-Papas, a group made of Saitou Chiho, Ikuhara Kunihiko, Enokido Youji and Hasegawa Shinya. There is also an anime, directed by Ikuhara, that is even better than the manga. Both are, of course, highly recommended!! ^_^

SAITOU Chiho : Shoujo Kakumei Utena Adolescence Mokushiroku
Published in Bessatsu Comic Special, 1997
Commentary: A retelling of the story of Utena and Anthy, in a slightly different setting and with slightly different secondary characters. The relationship of the two girls has not changed, though. In fact, things are even more explicit than before… ^_^
Side note: BTW, Ikuhara-sensei made a beautiful animated movie with the story of SKUAM.

SAKURAZAWA Erica : Love Vibes
Published in Young You, 1996
Commentary: Good story, nice art. A love triangle between three girls, that becomes sort of a quadrangle when an ex-boyfriend gets involved. Episodes of yuri sex do happen, even though nothing is shown explicitly.

SHIINA Ayumi : Anata to Scandal
Published in Ribon Mascot, 1994-95
Commentary: A very sweet story with a very silly ending. Certain to leave yuri fans disappointed… Tomoka, a cute girl in junior high school, happens to fall in love with Yuki, the very cool and hunky lead singer of “Spiral” (an indy rock band). Thing is, Yuki turns out to be a girl. ^_^ Tomoka is not exactly thrilled about this, but… she just can’t stop feeling love for Yuki… and so, she will try with all her might to win Yuki’s heart! Tomoka will try to do this the only way she knows: making herself pretty for Yuki, baking cookies and making bento lunches for Yuki, doing everything in her power to make herself helpful to Yuki… it’s the kind of story that really gives you warm and fuzzy feelings… ^_^ As for Yuki, she is a bit freaked out by Tomoka’s love at first, but, little by little, she starts feeling something for Tomoka too… Aw, it’s so romantic… *^_^* Sadly, the story ends with Tomoka “realizing” that her one destined true love is someone else (a boy, of course). So she and Yuki end up as just friends and forget everything about their romance. ^_^;;

SHIMIZU Reiko : Kaguya Hime
Published in Hana to Yume, 1994-present
Commentary: Akira is a strong, boyish-looking young girl who has been found as a child and raised by a lady called Shouko. Their mother/child relationship is not what one would expect, though: the two of them are lesbian lovers. *^_^* Shouko’s real daughter, Mayu, who is a couple of years younger than Akira, is not happy about this: she likes Akira very much and would like to be Akira’s lover herself… ^_^ There are other characters who also want Akira for themselves, and many bad guys who want Akira DEAD. See, this is actually a fantasy & adventure manga, and the heroine doesn’t have much time for romance as she has all those enemies to beat and all those mysteries about her forgotten past to solve… But the sparse yuri bits are enjoyable… ^_^

SHITOU Ryoko : YajiKita Gakuen Douchuki
Published in Bonita, 198?-92
Commentary: This one is good, very good. ^_^ A classic of sorts, the most popular manga in Bonita magazine for many years – and I mean by far! ^_^ The main characters are Yajima Junko (Yaji-san) and Shinokita Reiko (Kita-san), two lively high-school girls. They are both very beautiful and very good at fighting with various styles and techniques. They also have a strong sense of justice, and can’t stop themselves from helping weak people in need. They are always transferring from one school to another – because every new school they join turns out to be riddled with bad guys (violent gangs, sadistic teachers) and, well, it’s always the same thing: by the time they have finished “cleaning up” the place, they have caused so much trouble and angered so many big honchos that they have to leave or be expelled. ^_^ The most interesting aspect of the YajiKita story, though, is the romantic side. Every time they get into a new school, Yaji-san and Kita-san get romantically involved with some of the secondary characters. Yaji-san, who is a very kirei, graceful and ladylike girl, always attracts boys. Kita-san, who is a very kakkoii and tough-spoken girl with a boyish personality (even though her looks are not boyish at all), always attracts cute girls. ^_^ The relationships get hot sometimes, but, sadly, things tend to never work out in the end. But, oh well, there’s always next school, right? ^_^
Side Note: Manga girls were not the only girls that loved Kita-san. She won every single “Who’s your favorite character?” poll in Bonita for years. ^_^ As one of her fans put it: “She’s the most perfect kareshi a girl can dream of! Her gender is female, yes, but that’s just a silly minor detail.” ^_^

TAKAGUCHI Satosumi : Hana no Asuka-gumi!
Published in Asuka, 1987-95
Commentary: The adventures of a cool, tough, tomboyish fourteen-year-old delinquent girl named Asuka. Fighting rival gangster gals and helping damsels in distress is her daily life… *^_^* Lots of yuri innuendo, as most female characters tend to end up falling head over heels for Asuka (yes, even the rivals ^_^ ). Thanks to Erica Friedman, who wrote a long review for the Yuri ML. Side note: The series, it would seem, is being redone. The new chapters of Hana no Asuka-gumi are being published in the seasonal “specials” for Asuka comics, starting in Winter 2003.

TAKEUCHI Naoko : Sailor V
Published in RunRun, 1991-97
Commentary: Before Sailor Moon came Sailor V: the wacky adventures of Aino Minako, the heroine known as Sailor V and later as Sailor Venus, and her white tomcat / magical mascot Artemis. Minako-chan is kind of boy-crazy, but her frequent crushes on cool guys always end up leading nowhere. In time, we learn there is a reason for this: Minako’s heart already belongs, since her past incarnation and for all eternity, to princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom and to none other… ^_^ (More info under Takeuchi Naoko’s ‘Sailor Moon‘)

TAKEUCHI Naoko : Sailor Moon
Published in Nakayoshi, 1992-97
Commentary: The most popular shoujo manga in the history of manga, I think. This is the story in which Takeuchi-sensei gave free rein to her yuri fetish, and there is no doubt that the high yuri content is one of the reasons of its smashing, spectacular success with the young female readers. *^_^* Tsukino Usagi, a happy, normal girl in junior high school, is actually the reincarnation of princess Serenity of the aeons-ago-vanished Moon Kingdom. Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako are her personal guard of Sailor Senshi (warrioresses with magical powers clad in sexy, skimpy sailor suits… *^_^* ). The five of them are the only hope of the world in the war against the evil Dark Kingdom… The Sailor Senshi are not only Usagi’s bodyguards, they are also her best friends… and they are all in love with her. ^_^ They love her so much, they aren’t in the least interested in “normal” affairs with boys: their hearts belong to Usagi and to her only. And, of course, since their love for Usagi is unselfish, they do not mind if she herself has an affair with a certain Mamoru guy… In later story arcs, many new Sailor Senshi appear and join the original team. Two of them, Haruka and Michiru, became very popular with the readers. This is probably because of the fact that they are very cool lesbian lovers… ^_^ (And, in case you are wondering, yeah, they ARE in love with Usagi-chan, just like the other Sailor Senshi… but that obviously didn’t stop them from starting a super-hot relationship… ^_- )

TAKEUCHI Naoko : Toki Meka
Published in Nakayoshi, 2001
Commentary: Takeuchi-sensei’s return manga after nearly four years, “Toki Meka” appeared as a yomikiri in the September 2001 issue of Nakayoshi magazine. The title is a pun: tokimeku + mecha = Toki Meka, meaning “Hearthrob Mecha”, or maybe “Robot that will make your heart beat very fast”… The story: Hana Hoshiko, a shy, timid 12-year-old girl in her fifth year of elementary school, is actually a brilliant scientist, a robotics genius with mad mecha-building skillz!!! ^_^ She isn’t very happy with her life, though: her parents are working abroad, she has no siblings or friends, she lives all alone in a really big house… Poor Hoshiko feels awfully lonely… ^_^;;; That’s why she decides to build herself an android friend: Hanayori Meka, the ultimate in cute robot girls!! A stunning babe with the body of a supermodel and the most perfect, big-eyed, pouty-lipped face!! Programmed with the combined data of ten thousand different girls, all of them cool and popular!! Suitably attired in a short, black, skimpy French maid dress (and with a pink leather collar around her neck, ahem cough cough… *^_^* )!! All ready to become Hoshiko’s tokimeku soulmate!! ^_^ Manga robotics sure are wonderful!! ^_^ ^_^ Anyway, some other stuff happens, better not to spoil it – Hoshiko and Meka have trouble with a couple of boys – but, eventually, they end up realizing that they are quite happy with just each other and return home together. This being a yomikiri, it’s not likely that we’ll ever see a continuation… Pity, really… There are, of course, hundreds of manga and anime series based on the same idea – uncool horny teen geek makes himself a cute, attractive robot gal to be his girlfriend and sex slave – but, really, this gotta be the first time in a shoujo manga… and with a 12-year-old girl as the young genius who dreams of owning a beautiful android babe, no less… Eheheh, leave it to Naoko-sama to come up with this sort of outrageous plot! ^_-

TSUDA Mikiyo : Kakumei no Hi
Published in South, 1999-2000
Commentary: Kei is a normal – if very pretty – young boy in high school. One day, he falls ill and is taken to the hospital. They find, much to everyone’s surprise, that “he” actually has a female genotype even though “his” phenoytpe is male!! A little bit of surgical work solves the problem, and cool male hero Kei becomes innocent female heroine Kei. ^_^ And what a female! *^_^* “He” was cute before, but she is a beauty now. And she still likes girls…

YAMAGISHI Ryohko : Shiroi Heya no Futari
Published in Ribon, 1971
Commentary: I don’t have much info on this one, but Matt Thorn himself recommended it. As far as I know, it’s the first modern shoujo manga with a yuri relationship in it… Funny thing it ran in Ribon…

YAMAGISHI Ryohko : Arabesque Part II
Published in Hana to Yume, 1974-75
Commentary: One of the main characters in this manga is a lesbian: Karin Rubitz, a beautiful German woman who works as a ballet pianist. She is very smart, talented, tender and passionate: a very realistic and likable character. Sadly, her luck in love is not the best: she falls in love with two women at different moments of the story – but both of them end up dumping her for some guy. ^_^;;;

YAMAJI Ebine : Indigo Blue
Published in Feel, 2002
Commentary: The main heroine, a young woman who writes books, is very confused about herself: she has a steady boyfriend. she has a steady girlfriend, she loves them both, can’t choose between them and really doesn’t know what to do… ^_^;;; Good thing that the two of them don’t know about each other, they could get mad otherwise! ^_^;;; But, of course, our heroine is eventually forced to choose… and she makes the right choice! ^_- Eheheh, I just love it when a serious yuri story has a sweet, mushy happy end. *^_^*

YUKI Kaori : Angel Sanctuary
Published in Hana to Yume, 1995-present
Commentary: Many millennia ago, beautiful female angel Alexiel rebelled against God and was killed. She had many lovers (in the sense of “someone who is in love with someone else”, not “sexual mate”), including very charming female angel Jibrielle and tottemo kawaii demon princess Kurai. Alexiel eventually reincarnates as Setsuna, a perfectly normal Tokyo high-school boy. Old lovers and old foes notice his/her aura and go after him/her… Thus the Angel Sanctuary story begins… The yuri in this manga is kind of, uh, spiritual and unearthly… if you see what I mean… Since the main character, who was a girl, reincarnated as a boy, his/her affairs with Jibrielle & Kurai cannot be considered yuri anymore… But still, the yuri side is there… even if it’s just memories of a past life…

YUZUKI Hikaru : Boku no Shotaiken
Published in Margaret, 1976
Commentary: Yuzuki Hikaru is a male shoujo mangaka – one of the very few male manga authors that still work for the shoujo readership. Boku no Shotaiken was a pioneer of the gender switching genre. Our hero, a normal high-school boy, is rejected in a very cruel and heartbreaking way by Michiru, the girl he loves. In utter despair, he kills himself. A wandering scientist happens to find his mortally wounded body and moves the still-living brain into the body of a beautiful woman… ^_^ “He” then decides to go and see how his family and friends are reacting to his death. He’s surprised to find Michiru half-crazy with grief and guilt. Turns out that she actually loved him, but was bad at expressing her feelings. ^_^;; Will they finally manage to become a couple & find happiness? But “he” is now a female… And what is this about “his” body being pregnant!? That damned hentai of a wandering scientist! ^_^
Side Note: Boku no Shotaiken is the story that inspired Aro Hiroshi’s ‘Futaba-kun changes!‘, published by Ironcat. Hah! Bet you are surprised! ^_- Aro-sensei, an avid manga reader, happens to like shoujo manga very much. You can probably tell it from his stories, which show a shoujo sensibility in many things (frequently making the reader say: “Is THIS really shounen stuff?”) Aro-sensei read Boku no Shotaiken in Margaret in 1976, four years before becoming himself a mangaka, and loved it. He thought at the time that he would like to make a manga on the same subject one day. The story of ‘Futaba-kun changes!‘ resulted from that…




AOI Nanase : Angel/Dust
Published in Newtype, 2000-present
Commentary: Yuina and Akiho are classmates at school and best friends. One day, Seraph, a beautiful female android, chooses Yuina as her partner to do battle against Lucifer, another attractive female android who happens to be Seraph’s mortal enemy. Lucifer, seeing this, takes Akiho as her own partner. ^_^;; Now the two friends must fight against each other and, at the same time, deal with the attentions of the two androids – who are both mightily attracted to their cute young partners… ^_^

CLAMP : Miyuki-chan in Wonderland
Published in Newtype, 1993-present
Commentary: A retelling of Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. The main difference is that Miyuki, unlike Alice, doesn’t find talking animals or monsters in the Wonderland; she finds beautiful big-breasted ladies who all want to do naughty things with her… ^_^



CLAMP : Magic Knight Rayearth
Published in Nakayoshi, 1993-96
Commentary: MKR inspired a good anime with lotsa yuri innuendo in it. The Presea/Hikaru relationship, very intense in the anime, is almost unexistant in the manga; and there is no manga Nova, which means no hot Nova/Hikaru interaction.

KOTOBUKI Tsukasa : Akihabara Dennogumi Pata Pi!
Published in Nakayoshi, 1998
Commentary: Not much to say. A story of magical girls who fight against bad guys, pretty much standard stuff. The anime has interesting moments of yuri innuendo. The manga is tamer.
Side note: Funny thing, the manga author is a male. ^_^

OMISHI Rei : Risky Safety
Published in Dengeki Comics Gao, 1999
Commentary: Really cute, really sweet, can cause death by sugar overdose. I love this story… ^_^ Moe was a perfectly normal schoolgirl until the day two (utterly adorable) pixie-like magical creatures came to live with her: a trainee tenshi (angel) and a trainee shinigami (god of death, I know it sounds bad but he isn’t a bad guy, I swear! ^_^ ). Dealing with them will be no end of trouble for Moe… they are like unruly pets, only worse… ^_^ As for the yuri part, it’s mostly in the anime, not in the manga books… there is a romantic something going on between Kotone and Suzuko, two young girls who happen to be Moe’s classmates & best friends… it starts as just innocent innuendo, but eventually becomes very very explicit romance… They even get blessed with Cupid arrows… *^_^*