What Yuri Means to Me

In 2005, Yuricon held an event in Tokyo. As part of the program book, we included essays in Japanese and English by our Guests about their experiences with Yuri. These essays provided such terrific insight that we wanted to share them with you – and invite you to write your own. We’re looking for Essayists for this What Yuri Means to Me project, so feel free to write us and let us know what Yuri means to you! Selected Essays will be added to this page alongside the Guests’ Essays.

This is an ongoing project to document the personal history of Yuri, through the experiences and feelings of fans. In bygone years this would be an oral history, but we’re going straight for a written archive.

So, please enjoy these Q&As and essays by Yuri fans all over the world taking about what Yuri means to them.

(The 2005 documents are uploaded as PDF files.)


Akiko Morishima –  Yuricon 2005 Essays in English |日本語 (PDF)

Katherine Hanson – Magical Girls, Miko, and Reincarnated Lovers With a Destiny: How I Became a Yuri Fan

Sae Amamiya – Yuricon 2005 Essays in English |日本語 (PDF)

Eric Potter – A Battle With Destiny

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