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Alt Manga, Queer Manga – Telling Our Own Stories on Youtube

iWith many thanks to the University of Michigan Center for Japanese Studies, the entirely of my lecture Alt Manga, Queer Manga – Telling Our Own Stories s now available on the Yuricon Essays Page.

Learn how queer creators and fans’ desires gave birth to queer manga genres Boys’ Love, Yuri and gay manga!



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A [Very] Brief History of Yuri video on the Essays Page

The full text and graphics of Erica’s short 100-years-in-6-slides presentation for the Tokyo Rainbow Pride event, Tokyo Comics Showcase, Vol. 1, is now available as a Youtube video!

Follow Erica through the origins of Yuri in the ‘S’movement, through mid-century angst and late-20th century magical girls, right up to the present and the Yuri genre in all of it’s messy components!

Check the video out on the Yuricon Essays page. It makes a great place to start from if you want to educate folks about Yuri. And contact us if you’d like to use the content for your own Yuri Panel!

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New Thesis on Yuri by Verena Maser on Yuri Essays Page

ILYiconNew on the Yuricon Essays page, we have Beautiful and Innocent: Female Same-Sex Intimacy in the Japanese Yuri Genre – PhD thesis by Verena Maser, examining the relationship between media content, its production, and its reception in Japanese popular culture in regards to Yuri. (Full text article available at linked page.)

Yuri scholarship is really starting to build up. If you know of or have written an article on Yuri, Yuri fandom or anything to do with Yuri, let us know, we’d love to link to your work!

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How Does Japan Treat Gay People?

We get this question from time to time in lectures and panels. Today on Slate, Erica has a chance to give it the nuance it deserves, touching upon the importance of media and political representation as indicators of social acceptance.

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Read “Thoughts on the Representation of Yuri Fandom in Kurata Uso’s Yuri danshi” from Eureka Current State of Yuri Culture issue!

eurekaThe second translated article from Eureka magazine’s “The Current State of Yuri Culture” issue is live and public on the Yuricon Essays Page!

Thoughts on the Representation of Yuri Fandom in Kurata Uso’s Yuri danshi by James Welker, translated by him and published with his permission. I found his take on the subject fascinating (As you will see when you read the article, we had discussed the topic while walking around Girls Love Fest together.)

We have one more essay coming up and I promise you, it’s excellent. Get early access to the article and any other Yuri essays we’ll post  by becoming an Okazu Patron. Even a dollar a month gets you early access and special contests and other Patron perks.

Eureka‘s “Current State of Yuri Culture” issue is available on the Yuricon Store on the Yuri Literature page , along with other Japanese and English fiction and nonfiction to help you along in your Yuri research.

Thanks again to Prof. Welker and enjoy his thoughts on Yuri fandom!

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Read “Yuri: A Genre Without Borders” from Eureka Current State of Yuri Culture issue!

The Yuri Essays Page has been updated withe first translation from the Eureka, “Current State of Yuri Culture” issue (Seidosha, December 2104.)

We hope you will enjoy Yuri: A Genre Without Borders, by Yuricon founder Erica Friedman.

And stay tuned for more translations!

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Special video New Year’s Message from Erica

On Okazu, Yuricon Founder Erica Friedman talks about the Okazu and Yuricon mission for 2015 – what we’ve accomplished, where we’re going…and how you can help.

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Yuri Essays Page Updated!

On Octobrr 16, Yuricon founder Erica Friedman presented a lecture at the International Christian University in Mitaka, Japan at the invitation of Prof. Beverly Curran.  The fulltext of the lecture is now available online: Persuasion and Opinion in Pop Culture Fandom – Are We the Cart or the Horse?

New Yuri essays, videos and links have been added to the most comprehensive resource list of Yuri scholarship on the Internet. Please share the link! Yuricon Essays Page.

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