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Why We Call It “Yuri” on Anime Feminist

A brief article for the Anime Feminist blog, discussing some of the words used to describe manga and doujinshi with female same-sex couples and why Yuri creators and fans decided specifically on the word, “Yuri” during a conversation in a cafe in Tokyo in 2005. (Also, capturing oral history, so we don’t lose it in the depths of Internet rumors.)

Why We Call It Yuri has been added to the Yuricon Essays Page links.


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“The Secret History of Yaoi and Yuri” at Flamecon!

FlameCon_logo-1-300x66Erica will be bringing her guerilla “history of Japanese literature” panel to Flamecon 2,  New York’s queerest comic event, which will be held in Brooklyn, New York on August 20-21.

The Secret History of Yaoi and Yuri 
Saturday August 20, Room C

Another chance to talk to an LGBTQ crowd about Japanese queer media, and give folks a chance to see the evolution of Yuri and BL through their literary and artistic roots.

Prizes will be available for good questions, so bring your best!

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Yuricon Store Grand Opening!


Yuricon Mascots Yuri and Midori would like to welcome you all to the  new Yuricon Store, the one-stop shop for Yuri Anime, Yuri Manga, Light Novels, Literature, Goods and more.

If you are new to the Yuricon Store, take a moment to read this description of the categories, vendors and features. Our favorite feature is the new search tool which accepts artists, titles, publishers in English and Japanese.

To celebrate our Grand Opening, and Yuricon’s 15th birthday(!), we’re running two contests for you!

Creative Contest

Are you creative? We’re holding a very special contest just for you!

Any creative endeavor that includes our mascots Yuriko and Midori makes you eligible for this contest! Fanfiction or fan art will be published here on the site, AMVs will be featured on Yuri Studio (must be Youtube compliant to be eligible), cosplay, comics or other creative efforts are welcome and will be featured on our blog. Send us any creative effort and be entered for an Amazon Gift Card.

Submissions should be mailed to yuricon at gmail dot com. For pictures, size is up to you, but it ought to be emailable and we’d appreciate a minimum 300 dpi resolution, in case the design is so amazing we want to put it on things like t-shirts. (All images you submit become property of Yuricon, but,we’ll always ask for reproduction permission first. ) For AMVs, send us a link to the video. No pornographic scenes or explicit sex, please.

The cover email must include:

Your Name
A Current Email You Actually Check
Your Age You must be 14 or older to enter

Entries should be received by August 31, 2015. Winners will be announced in September.


Open Contest

This contest is easy. Just pick any item at all on the Yuricon Store and write a review of the item! Send us the Review and you’re entered!

Reviews have to be better than 6th grade book report. “I liked this, it was good,” won’t be accepted. Give folks an honest assessment of the series or volume or item. And, let’s be real here – this is meant to be fun for all of us, so if you’re excoriating a bad series, you’d better be funny, okay? ^_^

All reviews will be submitted for approval before being made live. Acceptable reviews will net you an entry in the contest. Multiple reviews will not get you more chances, but the judges are notoriously biased and multiple awesome reviews might. ^_^

The cover email must include:

Your Name
A Current Email You Actually Check
Your Age You must be 14 or older to enter

Entries should be received by August 31, 2015, Winners will be announced in September.

We’re looking forward to your entries and welcome your thoughts on the new Yuricon Store!

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Read “Japan: Fertile Ground for the Cultivation of Yuri” by Rica Takashima from Eureka’s Current State of Yuri Culture issue!

The third article from Eureka Magazine’s “Current State of Yuri Culture ” issue, December 2014 is now online and available for all Yuricon readers! Check out public artist Takashima’s  commentary about women’s place in Japan, and how it gave birth to a new genre…not always from a place of love in Japan: Fertile Ground for the Cultivation of Yuri on the Yuricon Essays page!



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Rica Takashima at the NYPL on LGBTQ in YA Literature

Yuri Manga artist Rica Takashima will be lecturing at the Mulberry Street Branch  of the New York Public Library at 10 Jersey St., New York, NY on Monday, June 20, at 4:30PM.

The session is called “Queering Fiction: LGBTQ in YA [Young Adult] Literature.”

If you’re local, I hope you’ll drop by and show her some support!

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