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Yuri Essays Page Renewal!

To assist in Yuricon’s ongoing mission to disseminate information and research about Yuri, we’ve updated and slightly redesigned the Yuri Essays page!  Broken links have been fixed, and new resources have been added, as well, to keep this page a one-stop-shop for all the Yuri-related research extant in English. Links to full-text articles exist where they are available.

You can much more easily find essays by category:

And of course you can always use the site search to find something specific.

If you have a Yuri-related essay you’d like us to include on this page, please do contact us!



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Yuri Games and Visual Novels on the Yuricon Store!

ILYiconWe’ve hit a point this year where were have enough English-language VNs and sims that it’s absolutely worth collecting them in one place. To that end I’ve added a Yuri Games & Visual Novels page on the Yuricon Store.

Now the Yuricon Store is home to the most comprehensive listing online or off, of Yuri Manga in Japanese and in English, Digital Yuri Manga, Yuri Anime on DVD or BD, Yuri Light Novels, Yuri Drama CDs, Yuri Goods and Yuri Games!  And we’re adding more all the time.

The new category is fully searchable, by Developer, Name, or genre focus. Links are available to physical copies and digital where they both exist. So have some fun on Yuricon’s new Yuri Game & Visual Novels page.


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A [Very] Brief History of Yuri video on the Essays Page

The full text and graphics of Erica’s short 100-years-in-6-slides presentation for the Tokyo Rainbow Pride event, Tokyo Comics Showcase, Vol. 1, is now available as a Youtube video!

Follow Erica through the origins of Yuri in the ‘S’movement, through mid-century angst and late-20th century magical girls, right up to the present and the Yuri genre in all of it’s messy components!

Check the video out on the Yuricon Essays page. It makes a great place to start from if you want to educate folks about Yuri. And contact us if you’d like to use the content for your own Yuri Panel!

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New “I Love Yuri” Designs on the Yuricon Store!

Some exciting news for the Yuricon Store! We have two brand new “I Love Yuri” designs up on our Yuri Goods page.

Get these fun and stylish designs on men’s and women’s t-shirts and other apparel, phone and tablet cases, mugs, and even soft fluffy pillows to hug. Apparel items can be customized in different colors or cut.

Rainbow Lily original design for Yuricon by Ali KhanOur two new designs are the Comic Panel design by Althea Keaton and the Rainbow Lily design by Ali Khan. These two talented artists have been longtime “Friends of Yuri”…and friends of mine. ^_^

Both designs are perfect for anime cons, Pride events or any time you want to proudly share your love of Yuri and support for the LGBTQ community!

Thanks to both our artists for their fantastic work.

You can get all our original “I Love Yuri” designs on the Yuri Goods page, along with other non-media items, such as toys and accessories. Check out the Yuricon Store for the largest listings of Yuri Anime, Manga and Drama CDs. Thanks to our Yuricon patrons, you’re able to search in English and Japanese for your favorite authors and series. ^_^ When you’re looking for all the Yuri to choose from, start on the Yuricon Store!

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New Thesis on Yuri by Verena Maser on Yuri Essays Page

ILYiconNew on the Yuricon Essays page, we have Beautiful and Innocent: Female Same-Sex Intimacy in the Japanese Yuri Genre – PhD thesis by Verena Maser, examining the relationship between media content, its production, and its reception in Japanese popular culture in regards to Yuri. (Full text article available at linked page.)

Yuri scholarship is really starting to build up. If you know of or have written an article on Yuri, Yuri fandom or anything to do with Yuri, let us know, we’d love to link to your work!

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New Yuri Thesis on the Yuricon Essays Page

With many thanks to James Welker, we’re pleased to have added a new essay on Yuri –
Finding the power of the erotic in Japanese yuri manga a thesis by Sarah Thea Arruda Wellington to our Yuri Essays page.

We have linked to the abstract, but the full-text is also available from the abstract page. You can find this article in the Lectures and Articles on Yuri, Feminism, Fandom, Gender and Lesbian Themes section of the Yuri Essays page!

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Yuricon Store Grand Opening!


Yuricon Mascots Yuri and Midori would like to welcome you all to the  new Yuricon Store, the one-stop shop for Yuri Anime, Yuri Manga, Light Novels, Literature, Goods and more.

If you are new to the Yuricon Store, take a moment to read this description of the categories, vendors and features. Our favorite feature is the new search tool which accepts artists, titles, publishers in English and Japanese.

To celebrate our Grand Opening, and Yuricon’s 15th birthday(!), we’re running two contests for you!

Creative Contest

Are you creative? We’re holding a very special contest just for you!

Any creative endeavor that includes our mascots Yuriko and Midori makes you eligible for this contest! Fanfiction or fan art will be published here on the site, AMVs will be featured on Yuri Studio (must be Youtube compliant to be eligible), cosplay, comics or other creative efforts are welcome and will be featured on our blog. Send us any creative effort and be entered for an Amazon Gift Card.

Submissions should be mailed to yuricon at gmail dot com. For pictures, size is up to you, but it ought to be emailable and we’d appreciate a minimum 300 dpi resolution, in case the design is so amazing we want to put it on things like t-shirts. (All images you submit become property of Yuricon, but,we’ll always ask for reproduction permission first. ) For AMVs, send us a link to the video. No pornographic scenes or explicit sex, please.

The cover email must include:

Your Name
A Current Email You Actually Check
Your Age You must be 14 or older to enter

Entries should be received by August 31, 2015. Winners will be announced in September.


Open Contest

This contest is easy. Just pick any item at all on the Yuricon Store and write a review of the item! Send us the Review and you’re entered!

Reviews have to be better than 6th grade book report. “I liked this, it was good,” won’t be accepted. Give folks an honest assessment of the series or volume or item. And, let’s be real here – this is meant to be fun for all of us, so if you’re excoriating a bad series, you’d better be funny, okay? ^_^

All reviews will be submitted for approval before being made live. Acceptable reviews will net you an entry in the contest. Multiple reviews will not get you more chances, but the judges are notoriously biased and multiple awesome reviews might. ^_^

The cover email must include:

Your Name
A Current Email You Actually Check
Your Age You must be 14 or older to enter

Entries should be received by August 31, 2015, Winners will be announced in September.

We’re looking forward to your entries and welcome your thoughts on the new Yuricon Store!

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See what’s New on The Yuricon Store!

We are approaching the end of Phase 1 on the new Yuricon Store, in which we backfill all the Yuri from past years that is still available. It’s slow work (and full of decisions like “there’s 1 copy left of this on Amazon JP, do I bother listing it?) but we’re getting there!

If you want a quick bookmark or feed to check to see what we’ve recently added, thanks to our beloved and talented webmaster, Lissa Pattillo, you can now do that easily: is text only, but you’ll be able to see quickly what was added.

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Read “Thoughts on the Representation of Yuri Fandom in Kurata Uso’s Yuri danshi” from Eureka Current State of Yuri Culture issue!

eurekaThe second translated article from Eureka magazine’s “The Current State of Yuri Culture” issue is live and public on the Yuricon Essays Page!

Thoughts on the Representation of Yuri Fandom in Kurata Uso’s Yuri danshi by James Welker, translated by him and published with his permission. I found his take on the subject fascinating (As you will see when you read the article, we had discussed the topic while walking around Girls Love Fest together.)

We have one more essay coming up and I promise you, it’s excellent. Get early access to the article and any other Yuri essays we’ll post  by becoming an Okazu Patron. Even a dollar a month gets you early access and special contests and other Patron perks.

Eureka‘s “Current State of Yuri Culture” issue is available on the Yuricon Store on the Yuri Literature page , along with other Japanese and English fiction and nonfiction to help you along in your Yuri research.

Thanks again to Prof. Welker and enjoy his thoughts on Yuri fandom!

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Read “Yuri: A Genre Without Borders” from Eureka Current State of Yuri Culture issue!

The Yuri Essays Page has been updated withe first translation from the Eureka, “Current State of Yuri Culture” issue (Seidosha, December 2104.)

We hope you will enjoy Yuri: A Genre Without Borders, by Yuricon founder Erica Friedman.

And stay tuned for more translations!

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Yuricon Shop Update Project Report!

As I mentioned in my New Year video message,  we’re working really hard to get the Yuricon Shop updated and refurbished so, at last, there will actually, really be a one-stop shop for all your Yuri manga and anime needs. You’ll be able to chose from Amazon, RightStuf (Amazon JP for Japanese items, and other retailers as needed) and it will all be in one place! No more running around the internet to find this book from that publisher over here, and that anime from that company over there. One Stop Yuri Shopping. Finally. 

And, as I mentioned in that message to you, we need – and have gotten – ourselves some help. Our amazing web wizard, Lissa Pattillo and I are moving forward at a surprisingly enthusiastic pace to get things done. ^_^^ The English-language Yuri Manga shop page is 90% done and looking so, so so much better. With luck we’ll launch that in Q2 along with the English-language anime page. (The JP manga page is going to take longer, there’s so *much* content to add.) Here’s a screenshot of a new product page – click it for a larger image:



Lissa has already given Yuricon a face lift, and the Shop is going to be amazing, with easy access to the items that are the most popular, current items; multiple search and browse options including Tags, Categories, breadcrumbs, all designed to help you find what you want.

The Japanese manga page will be the best – you’ll be able to search authors and titles in English (romaji) and Japanese, so you don’t have to guess, you’ll just be able to find Nishi UKO’s work in one click. We’ll be adding in Digital manga and webcomics from Japan and the US eventually, so you really will have a one-stop shop. If it’s out there, it’ll be here.

To get all this done, I am flat out asking you for your help.

Our Okazu Patreon is climbing slowly, but steadily, We’re just under $300/month. Literally seconds after I posted this, Superhero JTT jumped in and punched us through that goal! Thanks JTT.  We’ve just hit $300/month! My goal for relaunching the Shop is $500. Every dollar helps. I don’t make a cent on Okazu, I assure you. Every cent goes to buy books, media, supporting artists, traveling to events and lectures, paying the artists, speakers, editors, translators, publishers and web designers we’ve worked with over the years.

All Okazu patrons by Jan. 31, 2015 will receive early access to the translations of essays from the “Current State of Yuri Culture” issue of Eureka and my sincere thanks. If you can afford even $1USD a month, you’ll be helping us to keep Yuricon and Okazu on the cutting edge of Yuri Culture.

To subscribe, go here: A dollar a month brings us that much closer to this goal which will help everyone. Think about it, the very first all-Yuri, all the time Shop anywhere.

Thank you for your support!

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Yuri Essays Page Updated!

On Octobrr 16, Yuricon founder Erica Friedman presented a lecture at the International Christian University in Mitaka, Japan at the invitation of Prof. Beverly Curran.  The fulltext of the lecture is now available online: Persuasion and Opinion in Pop Culture Fandom – Are We the Cart or the Horse?

New Yuri essays, videos and links have been added to the most comprehensive resource list of Yuri scholarship on the Internet. Please share the link! Yuricon Essays Page.

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Welcome Okazu to the Yuricon Domain

newokazuAfter a decade of being split apart, the oldest, most comprehensive and complete Yuri blog on the web, Okazu, has now joined the Yuricon domain!

Yuricon founder Erica Friedman has been writing news, reviews and articles on Yuri anime, manga and related media since 2002 on her blog, Okazu.  Bringing Okazu on board here at Yuricon is the first of a several moves we’re making to consolidate Yuricon’s reputation as a center for Yuri  information. Keep tuned for more changes as we expand!

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Yuricon Community Guidelines

Yuricon began its life as an online community, and we still believe that to be our strength. Fans of Yuri from all over the world can gather on Yuricon & ALC communities and chat about things that are of interest to them.

Here is our list of Active Yuricon communities (as of September 2012):

Yuricon on Facebook – Our own little contribution to the enjoyment of Yuri in anime and manga – the largest (and, we think, the least sucky!) Yuri community on the Internet!

You can also reach Yuricon on Twitter. This is not a “community” per se, but we’re glad to talk Yuri there!  ^_^


To make everyone’s experience the best possible, here are our Guidelines for all our Yuricon Communities.


Topic Questions

What’s off-topic, or can I post pretty much anything?

Within reason – pretty much anything. The following are *always* off-topic:

  • Violent, threatening or harassing comments against another member, ethnicity, culture, religion, belief system or country.
  • Homophobic, misogynist or misanthropic statements meant with unpleasant intent. In other words, no bashing – of any kind.
  • Spam or other mass sales messages.

These will be dealt with by immediate suspension from the community, no warnings.

More specifically, Yuricon is a celebration of Yuri, Girls Love, Shoujoai and Lesbian themes in anime and manga – that is, anything and everything having to do with girl/girl relationships in Japanese animation and comics. Anything relating to anime, manga and lesbianism is on topic *with the exception of political rants*. Yuricon is Yaoi/BL and straight friendly, just remember where the focus of the group is.

If you’d like to post something that is relevant in a tangential way, please mark the subject line with [OT], so people know it’s off-topic.
If you are going to post spoilers, we likewise ask that you put [Spoilers] in the subject, allow for spoiler space *and* be aware that most platforms posts the first new line of text in the description field, so if you jump right into a spoiler without a little filler blather, you will be unintentionally spoiling it for everyone.

We also ask that you keep politics, religion and other inflammatory topics away from our fun. But, on the whole, chitchat is highly encouraged!


Can I post fics or art?

Because Yuricon communities are  open to all ages, links to new Yuri fiction or art are strongly encouraged (with appropriate age warnings,) rather than posting directly to the community.

Please keep art and fics tasteful – please don’t post anything explicit without permission from the community owner. And if you’re not *entirely* sure – run it by the owner anyway.


Who holds the copyright on anything I post?

You hold the copyright on all original ideas and work. It is your and yours alone. We *might* ask to use something you’ve written or drawn, but we’ll ask you first, and credit you if we use it.

Fan art and fics are only your copyright in so far as you own that specific idea – which is to say, legally, you don’t.  ^_^

Any use of ALC/Yuricon copyrighted characters (Yuriko and all other SnB characters) are the property of ALC/Yuricon – but we’re a bunch of nice people and will ask you if we want to use them in something and you’ll be credited properly, we promise.


General Community Questions

Are Yuricon communities moderated?

Yes and no. The owner believes in giving everyone the illusion of democracy while actually running the community as a benevolent dictatorship. If there is a problem, the list owner will give the involved parties *one* polite warning, followed by a suspension for a second problem. There is no appeal for this – you already had your second chance.

If you are having any problems at all, with the community, or with someone on the community, you can contact the owner.


What if a member of the list is harassing me off-list?

We are terribly sorry about that, but we simply cannot be responsible for our members for the entirety of their lives. We’ll be glad to help with your on-community problems;  outside that, you’ll have to figure out yourself. If it is severe enough that you are really troubled, contact your local police.


Are Yuri newbies welcome?

Yes, of course! In fact, because Yuri has become so much more popular over the last few years, we’re asking that everyone be considerate to new folks, and follow these simple guidelines when posting about a particular series:

When we start a post, even a reply, begin by mentioning a series by its full name. If there is an alternate Japanese/English name,
it might be helpful to take a second and point out which version we are referring to. We can then mention what we’ll be calling it
as an abbreviation and use that going forward. For instance,  “Revolutionary Girl Utena, known as Shoujo Kakumei Utena in Japan. For short, many of us refer to it as, simply, Utena” or “Maria-sama ga Miteru, released in English as Maria Watches Over Us, but is often referred to as MariMite or sometimes MsgM.”

If we can all remember to do that, then newer folks won’t feel as off-put by our crazy fan-fueled rants. (We hope!)


Are guys/straight/bi/transgender folks welcome here – or will I be flamed to perdition for posting?

Heck yeah you’re welcome! More than welcome. Yuricon is a celebration of women in love – and we don’t care who brought the drinks. ^_^

Flaming is not allowed, period, so if you do get flamed for opining that some character ain’t a lesbian, then just let us know and we’ll deal with it (if we haven’t already.) If you’ve joined  to make trouble – or you hate Yuri and are expounding upon its evils, then expect to be escorted off the community pretty quickly. Other than that, we’re an open community – anyone is welcome and we don’t really need to know your sexual or gender orientation, that’s not an issue.

One last thing about this – Yuricon is by and for women who like women. So while we are Yaoi/BL and straight anime and manga friendly, remember the aesthetic is really ours. Don’t be surprised if it differs slightly from everywhere else.


Yuricon/ALC Policies

Copyright/Ownership Disclaimer

AniLesboCon is a copyright 2000, Dreiser, and used with permission. AniLesboCon Publishing, ALC Publishing, Yuricon, Yuriko, Yuricon, Yurikon, Shoujoai ni Bokuen, (including all characters and situations) are copyrighted, E. Friedman. All Rights Reserved.

Fan art and fanfics are greatly appreciated and will be showcased on the Yuricon site – these are authorized uses.

Any unauthorized use of any of the above will result in prosecution, which will make us all unhappy, so don’t, please. Ask first.


Privacy Policy

It is not Yuricon/ALC’s policy to use their community member information or contact info for anything at all other than Yuricon/ALC-related communication. We don’t sell mailing lists, member demographics, poll info or anything. Mostly because no one has ever offered us any money for any of that. But if they did, unless it was a very great deal of  money, we’d turn them down, because we value our privacy too. ^_^


Community Standards

Common courtesy is the most important single quality necessary at Yuricon. We’re all here to have fun, so try to keep that in mind. Here’s some basic rules of thumb:

1) Remember, this is not real life. It’s a computer and the person you are screaming at is a name in text. Turn the computer off and walk away until you don’t see red instead of responding to a post in anger.

2) Be polite – even if it kills you.

3) No one is “right” anymore than anyone is “wrong.” You may disagree but your point of view is only one of many, please allow others theirs.

4) Do not out people or otherwise use real-life personal info that is private without their consent. This will not be tolerated on our communities and may well open you up to a real-life lawsuit.

5) Have fun. If it’s not fun, go away from the community for a while. When you miss us, come back. ^_^

There simply is no reason whatsoever to get enraged by anything online – it can’t hurt you unless you let it. Try to remember that this is just an addition to a fun life – not a substitute for one.

6) It is the responsibility of all List members to nurture the conversation.

This means that when you join a conversation, killing it with angry rants, bitchyness and making yourself generally unpleasant to the people in the group is now an actionable offense.

This rule does NOT mean that you always have to be in a good mood, or even join a conversation at all. What it DOES mean is that when you are in a conversation, your job is to keep it moving forward. Add a thought, a fresh perspective, a new idea, something funny or cool. There is no “winner” in a conversation and when you kill it, everyone loses. You gain nothing, especially no respect from the other members.

As an adjunct to this, we at Yuricon strongly encourage learning new things, asking good questions, and sharing information. We’ll do our best to provide you with comprehensive information when we post, but on your side, it would be swell if you looked things up, too. For instance, if somebody mentions an event, and you’ve never heard of it (say, Comiket) try looking that event up on a search engine, rather than asking where, when and what it is – then you can add that information to the conversation and be a hero. You’ll also contribute to your own growth as a person by doing the least little bit of research for yourself. ^_^

So, before you post, focus on adding to the conversation, not killing it.

Yuricon’s mission is to  create, celebrate and disseminate  all forms of Yuri. If  that’s what you want to do – you’re in the right place! ^_^


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Online Yuri Panels – Introduction and Question Solicit

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Yuricon 2011 Art Contest Winner!

Yuriko and Midori Celebrate Every Morning

It is our great pleasure to present to you, the Winner of the 2011 Yuricon Art Contest, “Everday is a Celebration with Yuricon!”.

Winner Catherine F. (and all our entries, in fact) conveyed the joy Yuriko and Midori have in every moment of every day together. Whether they were cleaning, reading in bed, or just taking a moment out to be mindful of one another, every day is a celebration.

We invite you to enjoy all the entries showing Yuriko and Midori together on the Yuriko and Friends Gallery! The new pictures have been added tothe Gallery (and can be found at the bottom of Page 2,) or feel free to enjoy the Slide Show and enjoy all the pictures that have been sent in all over again.

If you have a picture of Yuriko, Midori or their friends you’d like to send in, don’t wait for a contest! Remember, *Every Day* is a celebration here at Yuricon. All pictures are gladly received and will be feature on our Gallery. ^_^

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First “What Yuri Means to Me” Essays are online!

Our written archive of personal histories relating to Yuri is now online, with the first two sets of essays! Enjoy the Q&A with Morishima Akiko-sensei from the 2005 Yuricon in Tokyo program book, in English and Japanese, and an essay from Katherine Hanson.

Enjoy the first essays from the  What Yuri Means to Me Project. (Some files are PDFs.)

You’re welcome to send us your own history with Yuri – this is an ongoing project and we’d love to hear what Yuri means to you, too!


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A new New Yuri Essay

A new essay on the roots of the Girl Prince character so common in Yuri manga. Visit our Essays Page or visit this essay directly at Erica’s monthly column for Hooded Utilitarian, Overthinking Things.

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Looking for Essayists for New Essay Page Feature! 新しいエッセイページ特集のための、執筆者を募集します!

You love Yuri – everyone knows that. But, how did you get into Yuri? What was the moment you realized that this was an important part of your life?

Yuricon is looking for short essays (up to 500 words ) about your first Yuri anime or manga series and what it meant to you then – and now.

Essays will be collected and some will be chosen for a new feature: What Yuri Means to Me on the Essays Page. Publication is not guaranteed, but we’ll be sure to add as many as we can!

Send your essay to yuricon at gmail dot com, Subject Line: What Yuri Means to Me

Spread the word, and join Yuri artists like Rica Takashima and Akiko Morishima (essays from the Yuricon 2005 in Tokyo program book) explaining just what Yuri means to you.





“What Yuri Means to Me”というタイトルで、yuricon アット までメールでお送りください。


翻訳者: 小松さん

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New Guidelines Page for Yuricon Online Communities

We’ve just uploaded the revised FAQs for all Yuricon communities to the website:

Please take a few moments and read them over. These standards apply to all Yuricon & ALC communities.

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