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Yuricon Store Grand Opening!


Yuricon Mascots Yuri and Midori would like to welcome you all to the  new Yuricon Store, the one-stop shop for Yuri Anime, Yuri Manga, Light Novels, Literature, Goods and more.

If you are new to the Yuricon Store, take a moment to read this description of the categories, vendors and features. Our favorite feature is the new search tool which accepts artists, titles, publishers in English and Japanese.

To celebrate our Grand Opening, and Yuricon’s 15th birthday(!), we’re running two contests for you!

Creative Contest

Are you creative? We’re holding a very special contest just for you!

Any creative endeavor that includes our mascots Yuriko and Midori makes you eligible for this contest! Fanfiction or fan art will be published here on the site, AMVs will be featured on Yuri Studio (must be Youtube compliant to be eligible), cosplay, comics or other creative efforts are welcome and will be featured on our blog. Send us any creative effort and be entered for an Amazon Gift Card.

Submissions should be mailed to yuricon at gmail dot com. For pictures, size is up to you, but it ought to be emailable and we’d appreciate a minimum 300 dpi resolution, in case the design is so amazing we want to put it on things like t-shirts. (All images you submit become property of Yuricon, but,we’ll always ask for reproduction permission first. ) For AMVs, send us a link to the video. No pornographic scenes or explicit sex, please.

The cover email must include:

Your Name
A Current Email You Actually Check
Your Age You must be 14 or older to enter

Entries should be received by August 31, 2015. Winners will be announced in September.


Open Contest

This contest is easy. Just pick any item at all on the Yuricon Store and write a review of the item! Send us the Review and you’re entered!

Reviews have to be better than 6th grade book report. “I liked this, it was good,” won’t be accepted. Give folks an honest assessment of the series or volume or item. And, let’s be real here – this is meant to be fun for all of us, so if you’re excoriating a bad series, you’d better be funny, okay? ^_^

All reviews will be submitted for approval before being made live. Acceptable reviews will net you an entry in the contest. Multiple reviews will not get you more chances, but the judges are notoriously biased and multiple awesome reviews might. ^_^

The cover email must include:

Your Name
A Current Email You Actually Check
Your Age You must be 14 or older to enter

Entries should be received by August 31, 2015, Winners will be announced in September.

We’re looking forward to your entries and welcome your thoughts on the new Yuricon Store!

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Sweet Blue Flowers Contest Winners

With many thanks to the folks at Nozomi/RightStuf, and thanks to every one of you who entered, here are the winners of the Sweet Blue Flowers / Aoi Hana Contest!

Winner 1: Vivian C. from Germany

Winner 2: Hannah P from the US

Winner 3: Kirsten W from the US

Applause and congratulations to all three winners of a complete box set of Sweet Blue Flowers from RightStuf!

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Sweet Blue Flowers/ Aoi Hana Anime Contest

Sweet Blue Flowers AnimeSpring is here and Yuricon is celebrating with a festive bouquet of Sweet Blue Flowers! Thanks to Nozomi/RightStuf Yuricon has 3 complete DVD sets of the Sweet Blue Flowers anime -plus extras! – to give away.

They’ve asked all the easy questions, so this one requires you to put on your thinking cap (and may require a little research!. If you were the licensing person at Nozomi/Right Stuff and you had one pick – something that could appeal to the Yuri audience, but maybe also people outside Yuri, which anime would you pick – and why?

The series you choose has to be something that is not already licensed (this is where a little research comes in. Make sure you don’t suggest something that’s already licensed.) And please don’t suggest Sailor Moon. They know we want it, but it isn’t happening.

Here’s an example of an entry: Card Captor Sakura. It’s shoujo, it’s CLAMP, it’s “bring back your anime childhood” and it’s the second-best choice to Sailor Moon.

To enter this contest, email yuriconcontest at gmail dot com with the subject line Flowers Contest:

Your Name

Your suggestion for a title to license

An Email you actually check regularly

Your Country

Your Age (You must be over 13 in order to enter. )

Winners will chosen by April 15 and notified by April 30th.

Have a set already? Sweet Blue Flowers makes a terrific gift for the young Yuri fan in your life, or a donation to your local library’s video collection!

We look forward to hearing your ideas!

Sweet Blue Flowers Anime Complete Set

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Yuri Heian Gag Comic Kimino Tamenara Shineru, Volume 2, essay, and a contest on JManga!

Jmanga and ALC Publishing are pleased to announce that the second volume of Kuzushiro’s Yuri Heian period gag comic strip Kimino Tamenara Shineru, Volume 2 is now available on on!

In addition, we’re offering a second short essay on Heian Imperial Life on the brand new JManga blog, JManga Poi Poi.

And, to thank fans of the series for their support, if you buy Kimino Tamenara Shineru Volume 2 this week, you’ll be entered into a contest to win a copy of Sei Shonagon’s diary, The Pillow Book.

Get a dose of Japanese culture, fun Yuri manga and a bellyful of laughs all at once with   Kimino Tamenara Shineru, from JManga and ALC!

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Apocalypse Box Set Winner Announced!

Once more, thanks to the continuing generosity and support from Nozomi/RightStuf, Yuricon was pleased to offer a contest to win a copy of the  Revolutionary Girl Utena, Apocalypse Saga Box Set!

And we have a winner! JoAnne S. wins the lovely third box set and Duelist’s Ring. Congrats JoAnne!

Thanks to all of you who entered – from all of us at Yuricon and Nozomi/RightStuf!

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Win a Copy of the Revolutionary Girl Utena Apocalypse Saga Box Set!

Once more, thanks to the continuing generosity and support from Nozomi/RightStuf, Yuricon is pleased to offer a chance to win a copy of the  Revolutionary Girl Utena, Apocalypse Saga Box Set!

Please email us with your answer to this questions:

What would you consider your personal “holy grail” series or film for Right Stuf to license, via either its anime (Nozomi) or live-action (5 Points) labels?

For sanity’s sake, please limit your answer to no more than two anime and two live-action movies. Do not feel obliged to include both anime and movie choices…only send what you really, really want more than anything. ^_^

Because Nozomi/RightStuf loves their fans, and because they love the Yuri audience, they have even made sure that the contest prize include that extra of extras – a Duelists’ Ring.

To be eligible you need to email us at with your answer. The contest will be over when Erica has completed her review of the Apocalyspe Saga on Okazu. You must be over 13 to enter. Winner will be informed by email, so make sure you use an email that you check regularly!

Contest Deadline is May 27th, 2012. Get those entries in!

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Utena Black Rose Rose Boxset Winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered the Revolutionary Girl Utena Black Rose boxset content. The winner was announced today on Okazu!

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2011 Yuri AMV Winners!

2011 Yuricon AMV Contest Winners are:

Grisnak with Yuri Minds


Emily, with All Your Life Haruka

All entries have been added to the Yuri Studios channel on Youtube for your viewing pleasure. If you know of a or have made a Yuri AMV you’d like to see on our channel, let us know. We’re always on the look out for more great Yuri AMVs.

Thanks everyone and congratulations to the winners!

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Win a Copy of the Revolutionary Girl Utena Black Rose Saga Box Set!

Thanks to the continuing generosity and support from Nozomi/RightStuf, Yuricon is pleased to offer a chance to win a copy of the  Revolutionary Girl Utena, Black Rose Saga Box Set!

Contest rules are easy.

Please email us with your answer to this questions:

What kind of DVD packaging do you like? If you want premium packaging what do you consider premium & are you willing to pay extra?

For instance, if you like thinpaks (single disks in thin jewelcase) then your answer to the second part is N/A, since you don’t want premium packaging.

This question is a little complex, so think of it this way. Presume you *do* want the anime. What does “premium” mean to you? And if a set is offered with that premium packaging, what are you willing to cough up to get it? Try to be specific. The word “reasonable” isn’t as helpful as “$XX more.”

If you like box sets or limited edition packaging, (like the art box for Mai HiME), tell us if you are willing to go up  in price for that packaging.

To be eligible you need to email us at with your answers. The contest will be over when Erica has completed her review of the Black Rose Saga on Okazu. You must be over 13 to enter.

I know you folks are smart and can see that these contest questions are obvious Market Research, but I can assure you that RightStuf takes your suggestions very seriously and want to make us happy. I mean, look, we got Rose Seal rings, so QED. ^_^

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Yuricon 2011 AMV Contest Is On!

The last few years have been good for Yuri anime. There are a lot of series that came out (sadly, some went away just as quickly.) And to celebrate this great bounty of Yuri, we here at Yuricon and our video channel Yuristudios are having an AMV Contest!

The rules are different this year, and there’s some special Judges Challenges, so please read the rules carefully and follow them exactly:

AMV Contest General Guidelines

  • All submissions must be on or uploadable to Youtube. 

This means that if you send us a video, and when we upload it to YT, the music or video does not work,  the entry will be disqualified. So – test it out first and make sure we can all enjoy it.

  • All submissions must be PG-13. Please, no scenes from hentai video that contain explicit sex.
  • The judges prefer metal to ballads. Yes, you *can* use Lady Gaga, if that’s what you like, but the judges are more likely to love it if it has O! Fortuna! Just saying… But, that doesn’t mean you all should use O!Fortuna!, either!
  • Submissions do not have to be from Yuri anime, but the general theme of the video needs to be Yuri. If you need inspiration, take a look below at the Judges’ Challenges.


To Submit an AMV

  • Send an email to Include the following information:
  • Your Name; An Active Email Address you check regularly; Your Age (you must be at least 13 years old to enter)
  • Link to the AMV on Youtube, or a link to where we can download it  (if registration is needed to dl the video, let us know in advance, please.)  Previously created videos are eligible, but…
  • It would be swell if you added a splash page at the beginning or end of the video with Yuri Studios:
  • Any format, size or length that is  uploadable to Youtube is acceptable
  • Entries will be accepted until November 15th


Special Judges’ Challenges

Special Prizes will be awarded for anyone who successfully completes any of these challenges (if we get multiple entries, we’ll give the prize to the best of the bunch.)

  1. AMV of Rica ‘tte Kanji!? manga
  2. AMV of Haruka and Michiru from Sailor Moon to the Turtles’ “Happy Together”
  3. AMV of near-kiss moments from Maria-sama ga Miteru to Disney’s “Kiss the Girl”
  4. AMV of rare/obscure/unexpected anime (so, like, not Madoka, okay?)

Yuricon AMV Contest Judges are biased, because we’re human, so just think of it as the AMV equivalent to Olympic figure skating. (^_^)

Prizes will be awarded to categories randomly assigned by the Judges as they see fit. Prizes will include anime box sets, art books, Yuricon “I Love Yuri”  goods. The Grand Prize is an Amazon Gift Certificate.

Get out your bag of AMV tricks and send those Yuri AMVs in today!

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Sound of the Sky Boxset Winner!

Sound of the Sky Complete DVD Collection Limited Edition (Sora no Woto)Congratulations to our winner for the Sound of the Sky Boxset – John F. Martin!

Here’s the top DVD extras as voted by you:

1) Interviews with Production Staff/Director

2) Interviews with Voice Actor (Japanese)

3) Interviews with Voice Actor (English)

You’ve spoken loud and clear, folks – what you want is a glimpse inside the curtain, at the making ofs, the backgrounds, the cultural nuances and the thoughts behind the ideas.

Thanks to everyone who voted and to Nozomi/RightStuf for their generous gift.

Check back for another box set contest coming soon!

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Win a Sound of the Sky Boxset!

Sound of the Sky Complete DVD Collection Limited Edition (Sora no Woto)The generous folks at Nozomi/RightStuf have provided a Sound of the Sky Box Set for us and this time, the question is a relatively simple one:

What DVD Extras do you want to see?

These can be anything. If you like Openings and Endings without credits – say so! Or how about interviews with voice actors and actresses (American or Japanese.) Email us at yuriconcontest at gmail dot com and tell us up to 3 extras you want from your DVDs and you’ll be entered to win. Super easy! We’re asking you to use the email so we have email addresses to contact you with, trying to do a contest with anonymous comments is awkward.

The contest will remain open as long as I’m watching the anime and will close when I do my final review for it. Get your Extra suggestions in today!

We look forward to receiving your suggestions!

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We’re thinking it’s time for a Yuri AMV Contest…!

We’re in the mood to see some Yuri creativity, so we’re thinking it’s time for a new Yuri AMV contest. Anybody in?

Check out some of our new favorites on Yuri Studios to get yourself in the mood! Check back shortly for contest rules!

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Yuricon 2011 Art Contest Winner!

Yuriko and Midori Celebrate Every Morning

It is our great pleasure to present to you, the Winner of the 2011 Yuricon Art Contest, “Everday is a Celebration with Yuricon!”.

Winner Catherine F. (and all our entries, in fact) conveyed the joy Yuriko and Midori have in every moment of every day together. Whether they were cleaning, reading in bed, or just taking a moment out to be mindful of one another, every day is a celebration.

We invite you to enjoy all the entries showing Yuriko and Midori together on the Yuriko and Friends Gallery! The new pictures have been added tothe Gallery (and can be found at the bottom of Page 2,) or feel free to enjoy the Slide Show and enjoy all the pictures that have been sent in all over again.

If you have a picture of Yuriko, Midori or their friends you’d like to send in, don’t wait for a contest! Remember, *Every Day* is a celebration here at Yuricon. All pictures are gladly received and will be feature on our Gallery. ^_^

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Revolutionary Girl Utena Anime Box Set Contest!

Nozomi/Right Stuf has teamed up with Yuricon to bring the first re-mastered  Revolutionary Girl Utena DVD Box set (Student Council Arc) to one lucky winner!

Contest Rules are super simple:

Email the anime series you would most like to see Nozomi/ RightStuf license to Don’t forget to check the RightStuf website for other series they have already licensed so you don’t ask for something they or someone else has already picked up – and maybe find something else you were looking for. (Seriously, do 5 seconds of research, so you’re not asking for something someone already has, okay? Thanks.)

We’ll pick a winner at random! (See? Easy!)

If you’ve already bought the first box set, remember that RightStuf is saying that folks who pre-order all three box sets will get some great (as yet unnamed) gift. They promise it’ll be cool. We have no reason to doubt them^_^ The second set is already available for pre-order, so don’t wait.

Deadline for entries is June 7th. Get those suggestions in for your chance to win!

PS – Don’t post series suggestions here as a comment, send them to the email in the rules, this way everyone’s suggestions go to the same place. Thanks!

PPS – Don’t figure out some other way of not following these incredibly simple rules and making me rewrite this post three more times because you didn’t pay attention. Don’t put your comment here – send the email to the email address above. There’s ONE step in this contest – just follow it! -_-;;


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Yuricon Art Contest – Every Day is a Celebration at Yuricon

Yuricon mascots Yuriko and Midori by MerisusanThere are so many things to celebrate here at Yuricon. We’ve passed our first 10th anniversary, Yuri is more popular than ever, we’ve got a great new website, spring is here….etc., etc..

But what really means most to us is that we take every day and celebrate the small things, like being together with the ones we love. So, Yuricon Mascots Yuriko and Midori have asked for the first Yuricon Contest theme to be – Every Day is a Celebration!

Contest entries will portray Yuriko and Midori doing every day things like washing dishes, eating dinner, shopping (trying on clothes!), packing to move, whatever you think best reflects their (and by extension *our*) daily life together with the people we love.

There are no limits on image size or format, but be mindful of the fact that  images will be viewed on a computer screen, so your 4′ mosaic masterpiece may not be worth the effort. ^_^ (On the other hand, if you really do a 4′ mosaic of Yuriko and Midori, it’ll be a shoo-in for a prize!)

To motivate you, Yuriko and Midori have picked a few of their favorite images from the Fan Art Gallery: Check them out on Flickr!

Contest Submission Rules:

–  All entries become the property of Yuricon & ALC Publishing.

– Entries will be accepted until June 30, 2011. Winners will be announced asap after that.

– All entries should be sent to with the subject heading  “Everyday is a Celebration at Yuricon”. Do not send it with the subject “Art Contest” or something else. This step is a test to see if you read the rules. (^_^);;

– Please, no “adult” pictures this time. We’re looking for “putting up curtains” as opposed to bed scenes.

– Winners will be determined by judges’ whims. There may be one winner, there may be many.

– All Entries will be included on the Yuriko and Friends Fan Art Gallery.

– Entries MUST include the following information:

Name You Want Us To Use to Address You (Don’t put “Sarah” when you want us to call you “Lil Monster.” Or vice versa)

Current Contact Information. Email is fine, just make sure you actually check it and respond to it.

Your Age. This is really important. You may not enter if you are younger than 13.


That’s all there is to it – now it’s up to you to show us how every day with Yuriko and Midori is a celebration!

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Polls are closed and we have a winner….!

Based on the combined polls held here and at our Facebook group, the first New Yuricon Contest will be…

… a Fanart Contest for Yuriko, Midori and their friends!

Sumbission Rules will be coming soon, but in the meantime, visit Shoujoai ni Bouken and the new Yuriko and Friends Gallery for inspiration. ^_^

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You Choose Which Will Be the First New Yuricon Contest

Now that we have the new Yuricon website, it’s time for a new Yuricon contest!

We’re running two polls, on our Facebook Community and Yuricon Mailing List, for you to decide which kind of contest it will be: Art Contest, Fanfic Contest or AMV Contest.

But…there’s a catch. ^_^

The New Yuricon is all about interaction. We don’t want to know what you want to see as a contest – we want to know what contest you want to participate in! Tell us whether you want to draw a picture of Yuriko and her friends, write a story about them or make a Yuri AMV. The contest that gets the most votes will win.

We’ll leave the polls open for a couple of weeks, so roll your sleeves up and get ready to create!

In the meantime, visit the Yuriko Art Gallery, the Shoujoai ni Bouken Fanfic Gallery or Yuri Studios for inspiration!

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