New “I Love Yuri” Designs on the Yuricon Store!

Some exciting news for the Yuricon Store! We have two brand new “I Love Yuri” designs up on our Yuri Goods page.

Get these fun and stylish designs on men’s and women’s t-shirts and other apparel, phone and tablet cases, mugs, and even soft fluffy pillows to hug. Apparel items can be customized in different colors or cut.

Rainbow Lily original design for Yuricon by Ali KhanOur two new designs are the Comic Panel design by Althea Keaton and the Rainbow Lily design by Ali Khan. These two talented artists have been longtime “Friends of Yuri”…and friends of mine. ^_^

Both designs are perfect for anime cons, Pride events or any time you want to proudly share your love of Yuri and support for the LGBTQ community!

Thanks to both our artists for their fantastic work.

You can get all our original “I Love Yuri” designs on the Yuri Goods page, along with other non-media items, such as toys and accessories. Check out the Yuricon Store for the largest listings of Yuri Anime, Manga and Drama CDs. Thanks to our Yuricon patrons, you’re able to search in English and Japanese for your favorite authors and series. ^_^ When you’re looking for all the Yuri to choose from, start on the Yuricon Store!

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