Yuricon Shop Update Project Report!

As I mentioned in my New Year video message,  we’re working really hard to get the Yuricon Shop updated and refurbished so, at last, there will actually, really be a one-stop shop for all your Yuri manga and anime needs. You’ll be able to chose from Amazon, RightStuf (Amazon JP for Japanese items, and other retailers as needed) and it will all be in one place! No more running around the internet to find this book from that publisher over here, and that anime from that company over there. One Stop Yuri Shopping. Finally. 

And, as I mentioned in that message to you, we need – and have gotten – ourselves some help. Our amazing web wizard, Lissa Pattillo and I are moving forward at a surprisingly enthusiastic pace to get things done. ^_^^ The English-language Yuri Manga shop page is 90% done and looking so, so so much better. With luck we’ll launch that in Q2 along with the English-language anime page. (The JP manga page is going to take longer, there’s so *much* content to add.) Here’s a screenshot of a new product page – click it for a larger image:



Lissa has already given Yuricon a face lift, and the Shop is going to be amazing, with easy access to the items that are the most popular, current items; multiple search and browse options including Tags, Categories, breadcrumbs, all designed to help you find what you want.

The Japanese manga page will be the best – you’ll be able to search authors and titles in English (romaji) and Japanese, so you don’t have to guess, you’ll just be able to find Nishi UKO’s work in one click. We’ll be adding in Digital manga and webcomics from Japan and the US eventually, so you really will have a one-stop shop. If it’s out there, it’ll be here.

To get all this done, I am flat out asking you for your help.

Our Okazu Patreon is climbing slowly, but steadily, We’re just under $300/month. Literally seconds after I posted this, Superhero JTT jumped in and punched us through that goal! Thanks JTT.  We’ve just hit $300/month! My goal for relaunching the Shop is $500. Every dollar helps. I don’t make a cent on Okazu, I assure you. Every cent goes to buy books, media, supporting artists, traveling to events and lectures, paying the artists, speakers, editors, translators, publishers and web designers we’ve worked with over the years.

All Okazu patrons by Jan. 31, 2015 will receive early access to the translations of essays from the “Current State of Yuri Culture” issue of Eureka and my sincere thanks. If you can afford even $1USD a month, you’ll be helping us to keep Yuricon and Okazu on the cutting edge of Yuri Culture.

To subscribe, go here: http://www.patreon.com/Okazu A dollar a month brings us that much closer to this goal which will help everyone. Think about it, the very first all-Yuri, all the time Shop anywhere.

Thank you for your support!

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