Yuri Invades JManga (Again!) With Yuru Yuri

In the 1960s the British Invasion was led by the Beatles, in the 2000s, the Manga Invasion was led by Tokyopop and in the 2010s, the Yuri Invasion is led by JManga and ALC Publishing!

Today on JManga, namori-sensei’s hit manga series from the pages of Comic Yuri HimeYuru Yuri lands with the kind of splash that only 4 girls sitting around doing absolutely nothing could provide! (Judges’ score: 10 out of 10 for having fun)

For fans of Yuru Yuri, there is a contest quiz – answer questions that show your knowledge of the series and be entered to win prizes and great fame. ^_^

And last, (but not least, because I wrote it,, so don’t forget to tell JManga how awesome it is, ^_^) JManga’s Poi Poi features an essay I wrote about the Yuri publishing landscape in Japan from 2003-2012, called The Yuri Scene in Japan 2003 – 2012. Enjoy!

More Yuri manga will be coming in the days ahead and more promotional fun from JManga, Ichijinsha and ALC Publishing!

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