ALC Publishing & JManga Partnering on Heian Period Yuri Manga “Kimi no Tamenara Shineru”


When you think of Heian period literature, two names come instantly to mind, Murasaki Shikibu, creator of the Tale of Genji and Sei Shonagon, writer of the Pillow Book.

What may not come to mind is the image of Shonagon as a 27-year old NEET, blogger, Twitterer and…well, perv.

That is, it may not come to mind, until after you’ve finished reading Kimi no Tamenara Shineru (姫のためなら死ねる). After that, you’re just about guaranteed to think of her that way.

With POOR POOR LIPS topping the JManga bestsellers, ALC Publishing and JManga are teaming up once again to bring you entertaining Yuri Manga.  Kimi no Tamenara Shineru, by Kuzushiro combines leading lights of Heian period literature, Imperial life and wacky Yuri comedy in a way that’s sure to bring a goofy smile to your face.

And now that Takeshobo allows access globally to all their manga on JManga, there’s no regional barriers at all between you and this and other fun Yuri manga!

Cover Image: Copyright Image: Kimi no Tamenara Shineru Volume 1 (c)Kuzushiro/Takeshobo Co., Ltd.)

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  2. koyot3 says:

    This is good news. I cant wait for this to come out so that I can order the yuri from jmanga. Great work to all that put the efforts.