Win a Sound of the Sky Boxset!

Sound of the Sky Complete DVD Collection Limited Edition (Sora no Woto)The generous folks at Nozomi/RightStuf have provided a Sound of the Sky Box Set for us and this time, the question is a relatively simple one:

What DVD Extras do you want to see?

These can be anything. If you like Openings and Endings without credits – say so! Or how about interviews with voice actors and actresses (American or Japanese.) Email us at yuriconcontest at gmail dot com and tell us up to 3 extras you want from your DVDs and you’ll be entered to win. Super easy! We’re asking you to use the email so we have email addresses to contact you with, trying to do a contest with anonymous comments is awkward.

The contest will remain open as long as I’m watching the anime and will close when I do my final review for it. Get your Extra suggestions in today!

We look forward to receiving your suggestions!

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5 Responses

  1. Angela Pacelli says:

    Hmm… extras that I like on DVDs:

    -Promotional videos and TV Spots
    -“Jukebox” featuring music found in the series/OVA
    -Audio commentary

  2. Ray Radlein says:

    Is this contest still open, Erica? I kind of completely forgot about it. 🙁

  3. Erica says:

    Closed on the 20th. I’ll be announcing the winner shortly!