Yuricon 2011 Art Contest Winner!

Yuriko and Midori Celebrate Every Morning

It is our great pleasure to present to you, the Winner of the 2011 Yuricon Art Contest, “Everday is a Celebration with Yuricon!”.

Winner Catherine F. (and all our entries, in fact) conveyed the joy Yuriko and Midori have in every moment of every day together. Whether they were cleaning, reading in bed, or just taking a moment out to be mindful of one another, every day is a celebration.

We invite you to enjoy all the entries showing Yuriko and Midori together on the Yuriko and Friends Gallery! The new pictures have been added tothe Gallery (and can be found at the bottom of Page 2,) or feel free to enjoy the Slide Show and enjoy all the pictures that have been sent in all over again.

If you have a picture of Yuriko, Midori or their friends you’d like to send in, don’t wait for a contest! Remember, *Every Day* is a celebration here at Yuricon. All pictures are gladly received and will be feature on our Gallery. ^_^

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