Revolutionary Girl Utena Anime Box Set Contest!

Nozomi/Right Stuf has teamed up with Yuricon to bring the first re-mastered  Revolutionary Girl Utena DVD Box set (Student Council Arc) to one lucky winner!

Contest Rules are super simple:

Email the anime series you would most like to see Nozomi/ RightStuf license to Don’t forget to check the RightStuf website for other series they have already licensed so you don’t ask for something they or someone else has already picked up – and maybe find something else you were looking for. (Seriously, do 5 seconds of research, so you’re not asking for something someone already has, okay? Thanks.)

We’ll pick a winner at random! (See? Easy!)

If you’ve already bought the first box set, remember that RightStuf is saying that folks who pre-order all three box sets will get some great (as yet unnamed) gift. They promise it’ll be cool. We have no reason to doubt them^_^ The second set is already available for pre-order, so don’t wait.

Deadline for entries is June 7th. Get those suggestions in for your chance to win!

PS – Don’t post series suggestions here as a comment, send them to the email in the rules, this way everyone’s suggestions go to the same place. Thanks!

PPS – Don’t figure out some other way of not following these incredibly simple rules and making me rewrite this post three more times because you didn’t pay attention. Don’t put your comment here – send the email to the email address above. There’s ONE step in this contest – just follow it! -_-;;


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5 Responses

  1. David Pulver says:

    Sorry! Yes, I read your simple rules, opened an email, then clicked over the to the website of Rightstuf, carefully scanned what was licensed over a few minutes – and accidentally clicked back in comments instead of the email box. Do not change anything – I just clicked the wrong box!!! Argh, I feel so stupid ):

  2. Erica says:

    Don’t worry about it David – a lot of people got excited and did exactly the same thing. 🙂

  3. Erica says:

    We have a winner! Thanks to all of you who entered and gave Nozomi/Rightstuf ideas for new titles to license.

    The winner of this contest is Seneca Han! Congrats!

    Don’t forget we have another contest running right now: The Yuricon Art contest! Get another chance to win great prizes with your idea of Yuriko and Midori celebrating!

    • Hums says:

      Can we get a list of the series suggested?

      • Erica says:

        Sure! Here’s the top-scorers, anway.

        In 1st place with about 15% of the vote was Aoi Hana.

        2nd Place was Puella Magi Madoka Magica followed very closely by Nodame Cantabile and Dennou Coil.

        Tied up for third place was Rose of Versailles and Sailor Moon.

        We had a total of 65 series suggested!