Looking for Essayists for New Essay Page Feature! 新しいエッセイページ特集のための、執筆者を募集します!

You love Yuri – everyone knows that. But, how did you get into Yuri? What was the moment you realized that this was an important part of your life?

Yuricon is looking for short essays (up to 500 words ) about your first Yuri anime or manga series and what it meant to you then – and now.

Essays will be collected and some will be chosen for a new feature: What Yuri Means to Me on the Essays Page. Publication is not guaranteed, but we’ll be sure to add as many as we can!

Send your essay to yuricon at gmail dot com, Subject Line: What Yuri Means to Me

Spread the word, and join Yuri artists like Rica Takashima and Akiko Morishima (essays from the Yuricon 2005 in Tokyo program book) explaining just what Yuri means to you.





“What Yuri Means to Me”というタイトルで、yuricon アット gmail.com までメールでお送りください。


翻訳者: 小松さん

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  1. […] welcome to send us your own history with Yuri – this is an ongoing project and we’d love to hear what Yuri means to you, […]

  2. […] welcome to send us your own history with Yuri –  we’d love to hear what Yuri means to you, […]