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by Katherine Hanson It’s easy to pinpoint the earliest examples of lesbian identity being addressed in manga. From there, especially in the 90’s and 2000’s, the “family tree” begins to grow more and more branches and twigs, and to include not only recognition, but assertion of a lesbian identity in manga. Yamagishi Ryouko’s one-shot story Shiroi Heya no Futari (Ribon, 1971) is, sadly, out […]

By Kishiji Bando There is a women’s culture in Japan, that has been there since the middle ages – a culture that produced its own worldview, its own philosophy, its own anthropology, its own writing system, history books, literature, etc. In Japanese tradition, men are supposed to be raised by men in the men’s culture, while […]

This is, as far as we at Yuricon know, the most comprehensive list of all shoujo yuri – that is, manga for a female audience that deals with romantic or sexual relationships between women. Most of the mangaka listed here have written many other, non shoujoai or yuri-themed stories. This guide is arranged in two […]